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Topics include:

Global best practice for collecting and treating biowaste.

How producing biogas from food industry waste pays, economically and environmentally

What do we mean by biowaste?

How to handle household biowaste to protect the landbank from plastic contamination.

What forms of collection delivers the optimum capture rates of household biowaste?

Will Europe’s TEEP regulations (technically, economically and environmentally practicable) be reformed to build confidence in the long-term commitment to separate collections of organic wastes from households from 2023.

How to successfully deliver separate organic waste collections, with speakers from Wales, Treviso, Madrid and California.

The latest technologies for handling separate organic waste collections from households.

Co-digestion and biosolids: A global perspective on what is best practice for the co-digestion of waste water and other biowastes.

Resource recovery – innovations to allow entry into the bio-economy

What will the future waste water plant look like

Making water treatment energy neutral

How biogas production can deliver on the UN’s sustainable development goals through the production of energy, clean water and sanitation

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