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AB Energy

Industry/Business type: Natural Gas and Biogas Cogeneration, Biomethane, Air Emissions Treatment

Since 1981, AB has tackled the challenges posed by energy sustainability, working alongside our customers to improve their competitiveness while saving energy and reducing emissions.  

From our earliest days, we have focused on innovation to develop world-class technologies and processes dedicated to transforming the world of energy. 

Our objective? To ensure our customers benefit from the best energy sustainability solutions available anywhere. 

How? By dedicating our expertise, production capacity and excellent service capabilities to the problems at hand.

In the cogeneration sector, AB’s leadership team has expanded our company’s reach to encompass biofuels. We have developed advanced purification and liquefaction processes for biomethane, coupled with highly effective emissions treatment.

We take pride in the “Made in Italy” level of excellence we offer. The AB Group now boasts over 1,000 employees in 21 countries throughout Europe, Russia and North and South America, with primary production and engineering centralized in a state-of-the-art industrial complex located in Orzinuovi, Province of Brescia, Italy.

Industry/Business type: Technology Suppliers, Biogas & Biomethane Plant Construction, Servicing, Maintenance

agriKomp is a leading international technology provider building biogas and biomethane plants, with an established UK service, maintenance, and repowering division supporting our customers. We develop and manufacture all the major components of our biogas plants, including agriPure® CUBE biogas upgrading technology; a comprehensive range of CHPs; Vielfraß® solid feeding, Paddelgigant® digester mixing; agriFer® digestate treatment, amongst many others. We offer reliable and proven technology with over 1000 plants constructed.

Air Liquide

Industry/Business type: AD Operator/AD Developer/Technology Supplier

Airco Process Technology

Industry/Business type: Technology Supplier

The next-generation of biogas upgrading and carbon capture plants

Airco Process Technology design technologies that contribute to future carbon capture projects and deliver high-efficient biogas upgrading plants with maximum resource utilization and plant availability. As technology suppliers, we will actively support the green industry in becoming competitive and ultimately independent of subsidies.

  • Water based plants for biogas upgrading
  • Amine based plants for biogas upgrading
  • Bio CO2 technologies to capture for utilization in other green energy areas such as power-2-x
  • Carbon capture solutions for CO2 capture from various flue gas sources
  • Biomethane polisher for production of liquefied biogas (patent pending)
  • SlipRec unit for reducing methane slip from water based upgrading plants (patent pending)

Allison Engineering

Stand Number: B601

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Industry/Business type: 


Industry/Business type: AD Operator

Ammongas is a danish producer of environmental facilities, established in 2002 with more than 40 plants in Northern Europe. The plants are designed and built by our dedicated engineers with focus on sustainability, economy, efficiency, and operational reliability in biogas upgrading, air- and gas cleaning, odour removal as well as ammonia separation and concentration.

Ark Agriculture

Industry/Business type: Technology Supplier

ARK Agriculture are the leaders in silage storage supplying unique sloping and vertical walled silage clamps, OXY SEAL oxygen barrier silage sheets, Secure Cover netting and accessories for bio-gas and livestock production.


Stand Number: D507

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Industry/Business type: Supplier

Bauer is a traditional, European company carrying out business worldwide.

We design and manufacture according to strict European standards, thus ensuring the highest quality down to the smallest detail. Our aim is leadership in quality in the areas of irrigation, separation and slurry technology as well as waste water management in the non-agricultural sector. For this reason we work to produce sustainable and economic solutions. We are dedicated to a modern conservation of values and our mission is at the same time our highest requirement:

BiogasJG BV

Industry/Business type: Technology Supplier

Welcome at BiogasJG B.V., which has been established in 2014 as a limited company in The Netherlands. The company supports biogas producers in managing their desulphurisation process and improving their methane production. BiogasJG supplies additives that can be supplied directly into the digester as well as products and equipment that can desulphurise the biogas as an end-of-pipe solution. With the support of their partner laboratories, biological analysis can be done, and advice can be provided to improve the biological process in order to increase the methane production.

Biogas Sales UK

Stand Number: A305

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Instagram: @biogassalesuk

Industry/Business type: Supplier/Environmental Consultant

Biogas Sales UK was set up in 2021 after more than four years in the AD industry supplying Bioco2 from AD plants. We are here to advise AD owners on selling their bioco2 to the market. We have many contacts in the industry who are looking for an alternative source.

Biomethane supply

Bioco2 supply

Hydrogen Supply

Project consultancy for biogas

Industry/Business type: AD Operator, Technology Supplier

BIOGEST® is an international AD and biomethane plant manufacturer, headquartered in Austria, and partners throughout the world in over 20 different countries with 9 branch offices across Europe and North America, strategically located to guarantee efficiency within our customer base. With a team of more than 60 highly qualified employees, we have already completed over 170 biogas plant projects, generating electricity or biomethane around the world. BIOGEST covers the whole life cycle from planning to operations of plants, aiming at most efficient results. BIOGEST® considers itself not only a technology supplier but a partner who will quickly make you believe in green energy. You will also see how easy it is to find profitable solutions! We maintain close relationships with our customers, and our highly qualified employees take care of your needs by accompanying you throughout your project and beyond providing you with after-sales support.

PowerRing, PowerCompact, PowerSPF, PowerDigest,

After-Sales Service,

Own Plant Operation,

Operation & Maintenancce

Birch Solutions UK Ltd

Industry/Business type: AD Operator/AD Developer/Technology Supplier/Consultants

We’re Birch Solutions, the biogas industry’s leading provider of servicing, maintenance, consultancy and expertise. We work with businesses from every industry, from anaerobic digestion plants to water utility businesses to breweries to food processing sites and factories to paper mills and more. From anaerobic digestion optimisation and operations to waste water technical services and maintenance to liquid digestate treatment services and our expert biological support, we’re committed to maximising your revenue and reducing your input costs.

Bright Biomethane

Industry/Business type: Turn-Key Membrane Biogas Upgrading Plant Supplier

Bright Biomethane offers well-proven systems with membrane technology to upgrade biogas to biomethane. Bright Biomethane with their vast experience offers support throughout all process steps from engineering to commissioning and final acceptance. The smart design combined with high quality components guarantee high system availability and low maintenance cost. Since the system arrives on-site fully pre-tested the commissioning can be done quickly. The system operates fully automatic, and the advanced controls ensure quick response to fluctuations in the biogas supply. With remote monitoring and customized service & maintenance contracts the efficiency of the operation can be optimized further.

Bright builds, manages, finances, and develops biogas upgrading systems. Bright converts low-grade biogas into high-grade biomethane (green gas), bio-CNG, bio-LNG and liquid CO2.

Celtic Chemicals

Industry/Business type: Supplier

Celtic Chemicals Ltd manufactures and distributes specialty mineral salts and other specialist chemical based products for a wide range of industries and niche markets.

The company was established in 1979, starting its life as a trading company before launching a production facility to supply inorganic metallic salts to the laboratory reagent market.

Since then our expertise and production capability has grown, and today we work with leading companies from around the world, in Biogas, Human, Animal and Plant Nutrition, Pharmaceutical and Biotech, Metal Finishing and Surface Treatment, Laboratory Reagents, Tantalum Capacitor Production and Inks, Colours and Lithographics.

We operate from two purpose built sites that comprise warehousing for food, feed and pharma products, a fully equipped inorganic analysis lab and a multipurpose production area.

The company invests in people, plant and premises and our a dedicated quality team ensures that we remain fully compliant with industry regulations.

Chemviron Carbon

Industry/Business type: Media, Supplier (custom)

Chemviron, a Kuraray company and European Operations of Calgon Carbon, is the leading global manufacturer and supplier of activated carbons, filter aids, innovative treatment systems and services for optimising production processes and safely purifying the environment. Over 100 different types of activated carbon are available for the various applications. The company also offers Europe’s largest reactivation capability for recycling the spent carbons, and a wide range of mobile carbon filters.


Mobile carbon vessels, granular and pelletized carbons, reactivation or recycling of activated carbons, practical technical support, laboratory and pilot testing

Clarke Energy

Industry/Business type: Supplier

Clarke Energy, a KOHLER Company, specializes in energy efficient, low carbon and flexible energy systems. Projects we deliver include those incorporating gas engines, biogas upgraders, battery energy storage systems, carbon dioxide capture and heat pumps.

We have solutions for a range of low carbon and renewable fuels including hydrogen, biogas, biomethane and syngas.

Clarke Energy is the largest authorized distributor and service partner for Jenbacher gas engines. We operate in 28 countries globally.

The focus is on delivering a quality product with a leading, accountable localized service. Clarke Energy supplies, services and offers the provision of approved Jenbacher and Waukesha parts in the territories it operates.

Clarke Energy also has the largest stockholding of spare parts outside Austria and two Jenbacher overhaul facilities . Clarke Energy prides itself on operating to the highest standards and has ISO 9001 quality, 14001 environment & OHSAS 18001 accreditation.

CPL Activated Carbon

Industry/Business type: Technology Supplier (activated carbon filtration for biogas purification)

CPL Activated Carbons is a leading UK-based manufacturer and supplier of activated carbon filtration products and related services, including a wide range of Clean-Flo® mobile carbon filters, engineered in-house by our subsidiary CPL Icon. Wherever possible, spent activated carbon can be recycled via our thermal reactivation centre at Immingham, Lincs, where we have separate facilities for handling ‘amber list’ spent carbons (biogas, VOC, odour control, wastewater, remediation etc) and ‘green list’ carbon (from food and drinking water processes). Reactivating spent carbons in this way offers a significant saving in terms of cost and carbon footprint.  We have been supplying activated carbon for over 30 years, and our team of experienced and friendly experts are ready to help biogas and biomethane customers solve their most challenging purification requirements, and we pride ourselves on our flexible approach and short turnaround times.  We are proud to have the latest ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 accreditations, as well as UK REACH registration.  Check out our website or YouTube channel for more information about our wide range of products and services.  We are “The Active Force in Carbon & Service.”

Filtracarb® activated carbons; Clean-Flo® VOCSorber® mobile carbon filters; Regen-Sys® spent carbon reactivation; Full Site Service support; R&D and QA Laboratories

DMT Environmental Technology

Industry/Business type: Technology Supplier

DMT Environmental Technology’s mission is to create a sustainable world by offering renewable gas solutions. Our technologies, products and services offer the best solutions in biogas conditioning and upgrading. DMT is a leading total solutions provider offering gas to grid, bio-CNG, bio-LNG locally or central, or virtual pipeline options. With high customer satisfaction, easy to operate products, 24/7 service support, and extensive industry experience, customers see a profitable return on investment when partnering with DMT.

In-House Technologies:

  • Membrane Biogas Upgrading
  • Desulphurisation (Biological & Chemical)
  • Cryogen
  • Bio CO2 Liquefaction

In-House Services:

  • Trading
  • Offtake
  • Own & Operate
  • Aftercare
  • Maintenance
  • LNG Transport/Trading
  • Lease of Cryogen Tanks

Ekoton Industrial Group

Stand Number:

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Industry/Business type:

EMS Industries

Industry/Business type: Supplier

At EMS Industries Ltd we manufacture ram pumps for the waste water and the bio gas industries, specialising in performance, quality and durability. This is achieved through our uniquely designed ram pumps, each pump is customised for the individual job to ensure maximum efficiency.

Waste Water industries 

Food Waste industries


  • VRM Range
  • VRH Range

  • CVR Range

  • CVRD Range

  • Hydrake

  • Classifiers

  • Detritor

Eurotron Instruments (UK) Ltd

Industry/Business type: Technology Supplier

Welcome to Eurotron Instruments UK Ltd, the market leaders and experts in Gas and Emissions Analyzers and test equipment which include pressure and temperature calibrators. The company operates a BMS which is certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018 standards. Additional certifications includes MCERTS and DNV product type approvals.
Our products help our customers to optimise process operations, understanding and reducing the emissions and work in a safer environment. We are setting the path for a better world.

Eurotron Instruments has also achieved the following standards through assessment for Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality practices and procedures as a registered supplier on Verify Category B1 by Achilles UVDB.

FM BioEnergy | For Farmers

Industry/Business type: Supplier

FM BioEnergy provides a range of services to help operators of anaerobic digestion plants gain more control of the process and increase methane yields in order to improve the return on investment.

We have taken our knowledge of livestock nutrition and built on this by partnering with Schaumann BioEnergy, the German market leaders in biogas optimisation and process efficiency. We work across both waste and agricultural plants and our client base generates over 35% of the UK’s AD biogas output.

FPT Industrial

Stand Number:

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Industry/Business type: 

Genesis Distribution

Industry/Business type: Supplier

Genesis Distribution was founded with the motto of ‘New Beginnings’. The idea is centralised around the concept of a fresh approach or NEW BEGINNINGS to the sales and distribution business within Northern Ireland with a firm eye on the agricultural market place.

Genesis Distribution was founded by Stephen Lewis who although young ‘by the game standards’ brings a wealth of knowledge accrued by working for one of Northern Ireland’s largest farm machinery retailers. Here Stephen ‘cut his teeth’ and learned the inner workings of the industry before realising the opportunity of establishing his own business.

Genesis Distribution believes in the analogy of ‘small acorns grow big trees’! In business terms this can be interpreted as sustainable growth of the business built on a strong and lasting relationship with customers. With a strong emphasis on repeat business and customer retention. Genesis Distribution believes it can expand and take on the challenges of an undulating market place. The company can achieve this by it’s flexible approach to business and by trying our best to tailor the products we supply to both the customers’ practical and financial needs. Unlike many of our competitors out there who have this on their website then totally ignore it when they are faced with a customer, Genesis Distribution lives up to it’s promises! NEW BEGINNINGS in sales and distribution techniques!

Genesis Distribution does not believe in the concept of suppliers and customers, we believe in partnerships in business and aim to be the catalyst that brings people and companies together so that we can invest in each other through the supply and maintenance of quality products. As a working partnerships develops, trust builds, which Genesis Distribution believes is the key to customer retention.











Green Gas Trading

Industry/Business type: Consultant/Support Service/Supplier

Green Gas Trading runs the Biomethane Certification Scheme, which is a platform that generates biomethane certificates (RGGOs) for anaerobic digestion plants injecting biomethane to the natural gas grid.

The certificates are then sold or traded that provides additional income to the plant following verification against the RHI. The certificates provide consumers with the knowledge they have used ‘green gas’ (biomethane) in their consumption whilst providing information on the feedstock and emissions associated with the gas they have consumed.

The Biomethane Certification Scheme (BMCS) is an independent certification scheme (“ICS”) run by Green Gas Trading Limited, a private limited company.


Green Gas Trading’s (GGT) scheme certifies grid injected biomethane, but also gas which is liquefied or compressed for use as a transport fuel.


Our goal is to maximise the value and the liquidity of biomethane by enabling biomethane producers and consumers to transact in the “green” value of the biomethane at a market determined price, with the certainty that the certificate that they are trading evidences a unique unit of biomethane.

Industry/Business type: Technical supplier

Greencrop supply the unique Sepcom range of horizontal and vertical separators for digestate, slurry and sludge waste. Sepcom submersible and external pumps and mixers. Sepcom micro filters for removal of fine particles.

Greencrop supply, install and maintain the Sepcom range of screws and separators giving consistent quality of separation with low maintenance and low running costs for efficient plant performance. We can advise of the correct model specification to suit your feed stock. Advise and supply on installation of supporting products such as mixers, pumps, material storage and product field applications inc. Dribble bars and complete umbilical systems.

Greenlane Renewables

Industry/Business type: Technology Supplier

Greenlane Renewables Inc. (TSX: GRN) is a leading global provider of biogas upgrading solutions that are helping decarbonize natural gas. Our biogas upgrading systems produce clean, low-carbon renewable natural gas from organic waste sources including landfills, wastewater treatment plants, dairy farms, and food waste, suitable for either injection into the natural gas grid or for direct use as vehicle fuel. Greenlane is the only biogas upgrading company offering the three main technologies; water wash, pressure swing adsorption, and membrane separation. With over 30 years industry experience, patented proprietary technology, and over 110 biogas upgrading plants supplied into 19 countries worldwide, including the world’s first and second largest biogas upgrading facilities, Greenlane is inspired by a commitment to helping waste producers improve their environmental impact, green credentials, and bottom line. For further information, please visit www.greenlanerenewables.com. #AD #RNG #biogas #biomethane #biogaz #biometano

HoSt Bio-Energy UK

Industry/Business type: Turn-key AD Plant Supplier

HoSt stands out as an industry-leader in technological innovation in the field of transforming residual streams into bioenergy and other valuable end-products, striving to a zero-waste society. HoSt is the only one-stop-shop technology provider with a full in-house product and technology portfolio:

  • Biogas plants / anaerobic digestion technology: using membrane biogas upgrading technology to produce biomethane and bio-CNG, and CO2 recovery to produce liquefied and food-grade CO2. Or by integrating a CHP unit for heat and power production from biogas;
  • Biomass-fired heat and power plants / cogenerations plants for wood waste, waste, RDF, and agricultural residues to produce heat, power, and steam and to provide green CO2for e.g., the greenhouse horticulture;
  • Biomass boilers to produce heat and steam;
  • Renewable energy as a service.

With a large and strong service and maintenance department, HoSt provides 24/7 assistance all over the world. Our ability for new product development, deep in-house expertise on all technologies that enables us to develop multidisciplinary projects, combined with the capabilities to commercialise and scale them is unique within the industry. HoSt has over 200 employees and has built over 300 bioenergy installations in more than 30 countries of which the oldest facilities are now running more than two decades and are still successfully operational.

HRS Heat Exchangers

Industry/Business type: Technology Supplier

HRS operates at the forefront of thermal technology. With a global presence, we offer corrugated shell and tube, scraped surface and plate heat exchangers, together with hygienic piston pumps, aseptic fillers and CIP packages. We also provide bespoke environmental systems to include Digestate Pasteurisation (DPS) and Digestate Concentration Systems (DCS).

>Apart from individual heat exchanger products, complete systems can be supplied. Our innovative heat transfer products offer solutions for an extensive range of markets and processing applications, across a diverse spectrum of industries, to include: food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, water and waste treatment, amongst others.

Through our patented solutions, we are able to offer products for practically any heat transfer application found in modern industry. Our technologies are manufactured to the highest quality standards and supported by an experienced, motivated team of heat transfer specialists.

IMSPEX Diagnostics Ltd

Industry/Business type: Technology Supplier

IMSPEX Diagnostics Ltd is a leader in the development and commercialisation of technology-based instrument solutions for rapid, ultra-high sensitivity point-of-care analysis of metabolic markers using Ion Mobility Spectrometry.

IMSPEX Diagnostics Ltd has a subsidiary in Dortmund, Germany, in the form of G.A.S. mbH who provides the underlying technology for the Group’s instruments and is responsible for the Group’s manufacturing operations.

The IMSPEX Group’s cutting-edge technology is a rapid, highly sensitive, cost-effective way of generating lab-quality results in point-of-care settings. Our instruments are available under licence or for purchase for QC/QA, monitoring and diagnostic applications.

Konrad Pumpe GmbH

Stand Number: C301

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Industry/Business type: Technology Supplier

Founded in 1830 as a smithy, today Konrad Pumpe GmbH is an innovative specialised company for plant engineering, with about 50 employees producing customised equipment and machine systems for diverse applications such as barn equipment, dosing systems and biogas plants. The firm primarily processes steel and stainless steels. The main strengths of Konrad Pumpe GmbH include custom-made equipment and own developments.

Industry/Business type: Supplier

Landia is a worldwide supplier of Chopper Pumps and Mixer Solutions with its main businesses being wastewater, anaerobic digestion/biogas, agriculture and recycling of waste products.

Landia was founded in 1933 and is today a modern, successful manufacturer of a comprehensive range of chopper pumps, propeller mixers and aerators, offering customised solutions and systems for difficult to handle liquids with high dry matter content, liquid biomass and other organic waste.

Our customers are involved in the conception and construction of biogas plants, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, processing of by-products and waste from the food industry, agricultural slurry handling and much more.

We support our customers through our subsidiaries and offices in the UK, Germany, Norway, the US and China – plus a worldwide network of professional distributors.


Stand Number: D701

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Industry/Business type:


Industry/Business type: Machinery Manufacturer


Mavitec Green Energy is an expert in designing and producing recycling systems for processing organic co-products from the food industry and agricultural sector.

Our food waste and depackaging solutions are designed to handle, depack and resize organic by-products in the most effective way.



The Paddle Depacker is designed to separate the packaging from the organic material. It produces a clean organic output that is extremely suitable for biogas installations.

With its simple and low maintenance design the Paddle Depacker distinguishes itself from other systems.


  • Heavy duty execution
  • Simple and low maintenance design
  • Cleanest organic soup: with official lab test results > 99,5%
  • Click & go system for paddles and screens
  • Variable screen sizes available (6 – 50 mm)
  • Hydraulic opening doors for easy cleaning
  • Bolt free screen exchange
  • Fixed shaft execution
  • Stainless steel isolated splash shields for low noise operation
  • Available in carbon & stainless steel model


  • Capacity: 15 – 30 m3 per hour*
  • Installed power: 45 kW

* depends on material composition


MBC Chemical Industries

Industry/Business type: Biological treatment, Desulphurization

The FerroBio Group, part of MBC Chemical Industries S.A., is a Spanish company which offers iron hydroxide as an effective method for desulphurization in biogas plants. We extract the iron hydroxide at our mine. Afterwards we dry, grind, pack and deliver it to our clients in all over the world.

Iron Hydroxide (powder and pellets)


Industry/Business type: Technology Supplier

Monostore, part of the Bio-Dynamics group, are specialists in the design and installation of

of circular, poured insitu, reinforced concrete tanks and digesters used within the renewable bio-energy, bio-methane, CO2, RNG sector

With ability to design and install both traditional “flat digesters”, nominally 6 or 8 metres high, and CSTR industrial 1:1 ratio,

with heights greater than 20m and volumes greater than 10,000m3.

Supplied with double membrane PVC gas roofs, cast insitu concrete or stainless-steel plate external beam type roofs,

whichever meets your process or budget requirements

  • Circular open-top or roofed tanks
  • Anaerobic Digesters: Flat type 6 to 8m tall
  • Anaerobic Digesters: CSTR type >20m tall
  • Double membrane gas holder roofs
  • Insitu poured RC roofs
  • 316SS panel, external beam supported roofs
  • Mixers to requirement
  • Access Ladders and platforms
  • Process connections and pipework

Morris Lubricants

Industry/Business type: Supplier

Nova Q

Industry/Business type: Supplier/Wastewater 

Nova Q Ltd is an innovative distributor of biological products and specialist solutions for the wastewater, agriculture, industrial, and food markets in Ireland and across Europe.

The move to Net Zero is no longer an aspiration, it’s happening. More and more companies are transitioning to sustainable business models. Nova Q bring together the latest innovations and best available technologies to help these companies on their journey.

Across our sectors of agriculture, aquaculture, waste water and renewable energy, we bring ground-breaking innovations which both reduce the climate impact and increase the profitability of the companies we work with. Our range includes new bacterial solutions to allow aquaculture producers to grow fish in on-land systems more reliably – reducing water use, and the environmental impact of sea-cage farming.

In agriculture, we have innovative products to increase the soil’s organic matter – both sequestering carbon and raising crop yields in the process. And our bacteria improve the efficiency of anaerobic digestion plants, enabling this renewable power source to meet ever more of our energy needs.

Omex Environmental

Industry/Business type:Biological Optimisation – Enzyme Manufacturers/Suppliers , Biological Optimisation – Trace Element Supplier , Chemical Manufacturer , Laboratory Testing Services

OMEX Environmental Ltd is at the cutting edge of anaerobic digestion, developing bio-available micronutrient supplements to maximise the efficiency of AD plants. OMEX Environmental also develops and markets a range of nutrients and neutralisers for all types of wastewater treatment. The company also supplies deicing agents for runways, roads, bridges and car parks.

Omex Environmental specialise in trace element additives, nutrients, anti-bulking agents and acid neutralisers for biological wastewater treatment and biogas plants. As well as pH control, the company’s range of products are designed to overcome potential problems that can occur with modern effluent and septicity treatment, including odour control, filamentous bulking, and COD removal.

Omex lab services include the analysis of most elements in inorganic treatment systems using a variety of techniques, such as ICP for metals (including essential trace elements and other metals), analysis for low and high concentrations of total nitrogen (Ammonia/Urea/Nitrogen), and a variety of other chemical and photometric techniques.

For anaerobic processes and biogas production, AMPTS (Automatic Methane Potential Test System) and essential trace element analysis is used for investigating anaerobic digestion and biogas production. Omex can predict the potential outcome of the addition of TEA (trace element additives) to a specific system to provide confidence before going to trial stage while also using AMPTS to improve formulations.

PEMO Pumps

Industry/Business type: Technology supplier – Slurry pump manufacturer

Founded in 1947, Perissinotto S.p.A. manufactures the widest range of heavy-duty slurry pumps for tough abrasive and acidic applications.
Hard metal and rubber lined pumps with customized design for single-stage, multi-stage, submersible, and vertical configurations.

Some of the most appreciated features are:

  • Longer life, thanks to ABRASION-RESISTANT components
  • No clogging, thanks to the special design of impellers
  • Flowrate: up to 2000 m3/h
  • Head: up to 160 m.c.l.


Industry/Business type: Supplier

Serving the UK and Ireland with Industry leading power generation solutions.

Gas / Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) or cogeneration as it is often referred to, is the simultaneous production of both electrical and thermal power.

In simple terms it is a prime mover, in our case a gas reciprocating engine, coupled to an alternator producing electricity.

The heat of the engine jacket water and exhaust gases being recovered and the resulting heat is utilised by an on-site process.

With our strong links and being a supplier of Cummins Generators in the UK & Ireland, we are able to offer a full product line from 500kWe to 2MWe.

The Cummins range offers marketing leading electrical efficiencies of over 43%.

All Cummins gas generators are fully compliant with the UK G99 GRID CODE and are the only engine on the market fully tested and certified for this.

Industry/Business type: Technology Suppliers, Biomethane & BioCNG solutions, Servicing, Maintenance

PRODEVAL is a leading French company in the treatment and valorization of biogas from the anaerobic digestion of organic waste.

An independent company on a human scale, we have expanded our skills over the past thirty years, providing our customers with customized solutions for the production and distribution of Biomethane.

The company is driven by the energy transition and the fight against climate change. We are convinced of the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions through ever more innovative and responsible Biogas and BioGNV solutions, in line with environmental objectives.

PRODEVAL is a major player in Europe and worldwide with more than 230 references and a strong development in the bioNG sector.

Fogmaker UK & Ireland

Industry/Business type: Supplier/Transport

Since 1995 Fogmaker International AB has been developing, manufacturing and marketing fire suppression systems for engine compartments with high pressure water mist. With over 150 000 installations in more than 50 countries Fogmaker is a global market leader. In the UK and Ireland we have over 10,000 installations and a dedicated support network.

The water mist is very efficient for extinguishing fires in multiple areas giving an immediate choking and quickly cooling effect. Unique for the water mist is the fact that it fills the entire fire-protected area and access fire beds outside the direct spreading area of the nozzles. The water mist’s ability to quickly extinguish the fire limits the amount of damage in the engine compartment. With Fogmaker’s hydro pneumatic fire detection the suppression system works with the same effect even when the electricity supply is disconnected. The system is also position independent (if the installation is laying on the side or up-side-down).

Fire re-ignition is prevented by the adding of a smaller amount of foam to the water mist which lies like a choking blanket over the entire motor compartment. The extinguishing fluid that is generated from the water mist is environment friendly and it is easy to wash away. Re-setting a released suppression system is often simpler, easier, faster and much cheaper compared with powder or foam suppression systems. Normally our service organisation guarantee a complete re-set within 24 hours.

We offer flexible service packages tailored to operators needs and full training to reduce the need for call outs. When choosing a fire suppression system ask what service and support are available, what approvals and accreditation’s does the system have, what are the aftermarket costs and does the system have a proven track record across the World.


Industry/Business type: 

SGN Commercial Services

Stand Number: A503

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Industry/Business type: 

Industry/Business type: Technology Supplier (Paddle agitators)

Steverding Agitator Technology is a manufacturer of paddle agitators for biogas plants. We rely on the quality and durability of our agitators in order to satisfy our customers in the long term.

Hydromixer, Schwanko, Spiralo®, Long-shaft agitator, vertical agitators, central agitator, plug-flow agitators.For product information: https://www.ruehrwerkstechnik-steverding.de/en/ruehrwerke/range-of-products.html


Industry/Business type: Manufacturer of agitators and pumps for biogas, industry and agriculture

SUMA is a german provider for agitators, mixers and pumps specifically designed for biogas plants and liquid manure tanks or lagoons. We´ve been delivering agitation and pumping solutions for over 60 years in the biogas, manure and waste water industry. The company develops, manufactures and optimises its products for the benefit of its customers and solves complex challenges with innovation and know-how. Decades of experience form the basis for continuous further development and new innovations. SUMA looks back on a strong past and can look forward to a great future.


Sumwin Europe

Industry/Business type: Technology supplier

Sumwin Europe is an innovative technology company with a proven track record in international R&D commercialisation. We use our commercial insights and cutting-edge process technology solutions to deliver added value across a range of product sectors including, the global food, oleo-chemicals and renewable energy sectors.

At Sumwin Europe, we focus on two key sectors:

  • Enhanced biogas generation through our patented VoCaB technology. (We will be showcasing this technology at the conference.)

  • 3-MCPDE & GE mitigation via our proprietary REDGEM adsorbent.

The Utile Engineering Co.

Stand Number: C701

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Industry/Business type: AD Plant and equipment supplier

We are one of the leading suppliers/packagers of Gas Compressors, gas boosters, and continuous gas/air mixing systems to the Waste water Treatment Industry. To augment this, we are the UK Agent for Sattler double membrane gas holders and also provide on-site stainless steel pipe work installations with our team of fully qualified engineers.

Membrane /supplier/installer, compressors and blowers manufacturer/supplier/installer, gas storage equipment manufacturer/supplier/installer & mixer manufacturer/supplier/Installation

Thoeni Industriebetriebe GmbH

Industry/Business type: 

The Thöni group is based in the town of Telfs in the Tyrol region. It also has production sites and subsidiaries in Landeck and Pfaffenhofen (Austria), Kempten im Allgäu (Germany), Rovereto (Italy) and Pleasanton (USA). We are a far-sighted family-run company that attaches great importance to sustainable development.

Unisensor Sensorsysteme GmbH

Stand Number: A505

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Industry/Business type: Technology Supplier

UNISENSOR Sensorsysteme GmbH is a family-run, innovative high-tech company in the field of process analytics and control. UNISENSOR’s product portfolio includes internationally patented systems for the recycling, beverage, gas, and printing industries as well as for the field of energy technology.

1990 Professor Dr. Gunther Krieg paved the way for extraordinary innovations with the founding of the company and his many years of experience in the field of opto-electronics and sensor technology. Since then, a team of highly qualified staff working closely with industry and technical universities have been developing groundbreaking technical solutions and products which are used around the world and have set new standards in process technology.



A sorting system based on laser spectroscopy which separates previously inseparable plastics with highest precision and speed, allowing the long-term recovery of valuable raw materials.


CARBOSCAN 300 is a turnkey, factory-calibrated system for the online process monitoring of CO2 gas which ensures end-to-end quality assurance. The system uses the method of optical absorption spectroscopy to identify contaminants: it can identify even the tiniest traces of contaminants (down to sub PPB levels) using the light attenuation that these cause in the gas.


CARBOSCAN 150, with its precise and fully automatic online process monitoring of CO2, safeguards continuous quality throughout the production process.

AQUASCREEN is a compact foreign substance inspection system for large, refillable water containers with capacities of 5 to 19 liters. Broadband spectroscopy reliably detects contamination with e.g. diesel, petrol, engine oil, hydrocarbons and cleaning or washing agents in the ppm or sub-ppm range online. The system uses gas-tight sampling and can handle up to 4,000 containers an hour.


Modulare System for precise Mesuaring and Regulation of Alkohol in printing process analysis.

Uz Kimya

Stand Number: A701

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Industry/Business type: Supplier

Uz Kimya was founded by Can Şafak UZSOY in 1997 in Izmir as a private company. In 2003, it was institutionalized and given the name UZ KİMYA. Having started with paint chemical raw materials, it has essential raw materials in rubber, plastic, composite and cosmetics chemicals in its portfolio.

Operating without making any compromises to high quality product and service understanding from the day it was founded, Uz Kimya became one of the leading distributorship granting companies in Aegean Region by cooperating with global leading companies in raw materials in chemicals industry.

Focusing on import since 2011, Uz Kimya has created renowned brands and became a distributor in Turkey of globally renowned companies.

With its extensive paint quality control laboratory and pigment blend facility, it started producing chrome yellow, molybdate orange and important inorganic specific pigments such as anti corrosive pigments since 2014. These pigment groups, which do not have other producers in Turkey, are competing with globally renown producers.

Providing raw materials and technical support, Uz Kimya is constantly expanding its trade volume and market share by further developing cooperations in rapidly changing and constantly evolving chemicals industry.

Wärtsilä Biogas Solutions

Industry/Business type: Technology Supplier

Wärtsilä Biogas Solutions is a global market leader with more than 20 years’ experience in the design and delivery of biogas upgrading solutions using the unique PUREGAS process where raw biogas is upgraded to Biomethane for direct grid injection, compressed to produce bioCNG or liquefied to produce bioLNG. In all cases a very low-carbon, alternative fuel.

The performance and reliability of our Chemical Adsorption process has been measured and well documented from more than 50 plants across Europe and North America. The PUREGAS process is based on Amine Scrubbing Technology and is proven to be considerably more efficient than alternative biogas upgrading technologies, providing a methane recovery from the raw gas of greater than 99.9%.

The process is designed to utilise both heat and electricity as an energy source and has been proven to provide the most cost effective OPEX which is substantially lower than if the process is run solely on electrical power.

Wärtsilä Biogas Solutions are part of the Wärtsilä group who are a global leader in smart technologies and complete lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets. By emphasising sustainable innovation, total efficiency and data analytics, Wärtsilä maximises the environmental and economic performance of its products and services. In 2020, Wärtsilä’s net sales totalled EUR 4.6 billion.

With approximately 18,000 employees the company has operations in over 200 locations in more than 70 countries around the world and is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.

Wolf Systems Construction Ltd

Industry/Business type: AD Contractors (Construction company)

Wolf System is a specialized in building reinforced concrete tanks for the biogas industry. We are building digesters, buffer tanks, receptions tanks as well as storage tanks for a variety of liquids. With over 50 years of experience, we are building about 2000 concrete tanks yearly across Europe, and have over 100 reference projects in the UK..

Tanks construction

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