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Klüber Lubrication

Stand: C15


Klüber is the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty lubricants, offering tribological solutions to virtually all industries worldwide. Operations must run economically and efficiently despite aggressive properties, which is why Klüber high-quality lubricants are made to specific industry requirements through consultation and understanding of the application and media involved.


Our products are specifically designed for the high levels of pollution caused by raw biogas and are developed to be resistant to aging and decomposition, offering reliable protection against wear and corrosion, and improving system performance with maintenance intervals of up to 8,000 hours.

Our special lubricants for screw compressors contain no sulfur compounds or other ingredients that contain chlorine components that could react with acidic gases, thus offering reliable protection against wear and performance optimization.

Our synthetic lubricants for gearboxes offer a service life three to five times longer compared to conventional mineral oils, and thanks to 30% lower friction, our oils offer greater wear protection extending the lifespan of your components.


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