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Nijhuis Saur Industries

Stand: C45


Nijhuis Saur Industries, leading the charge in sustainable water across UK & Ireland, unlocking the potential of biogas & Anaerobic Digestion (AD).

Our expertise lies in:
Recovering valuable nutrients: Transforming wastewater & organic waste into fertilizers, closing the nutrient loop.
Optimizing AD processes: Maximizing biogas production through innovative technologies and expert consultancy.
Minimizing environmental impact: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting resource efficiency.

Partner with us to turn waste into valuable resources and create a more sustainable future.


We offer:
Expert design & build: Customised treatment systems for digestate, leachate, and process water.
Advanced technologies: Membrane bioreactors, nutrient removal and reuse, and water reuse solutions.
Resource recovery: Extract valuable nutrients and clean water for irrigation or reuse.
Circular solutions: Minimize waste, maximize resource efficiency, and meet regulatory demands.


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