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Position: Principal Scientist, Microbiology

Organisation: Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Laboratory

Bio: I am a Principal Microbiologist at the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) Laboratory in Buxton, where I mainly work on projects investigating occupational exposure to microorganisms or their by-products.  My previous studies for HSE and other Government organisations include evaluations of automated decontamination equipment such as fumigation and germicidal UV systems. I also led a recent assessment of air cleaning devices for the removal of airborne microorganisms, in order to reduce pathogen exposure.  I’ve undertaken major projects for multiple Government departments, in relation to bio-decontamination.  I have also supported prior incident investigations, supporting HSE inspectors with scientific testing at our Buxton Laboratory.  My work has involved reviews of published evidence for HSE, to support Policy and regulatory decision making, including projects on safer sharps use (to reduce needlestick injury), the efficacy of control measures for healthcare staff exposed to surgical smoke and the evidence supporting the use of mental health first aid.  A recent review involved an assessment of the evidence around anaerobic digestion health and safety.

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