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Jem Woods

Position: Reader in Sustainable Development

Company: Imperial College London

Jeremy Woods is a Lecturer in bioenergy at Imperial College London working on the interplay between development, land-use and the sustainable use of natural resources. At Imperial, he is a co-director of ICEPT (Centre for Energy Policy and Technology) and a member of the Bioeconomy Platform of Climate-KIC which is dedicated to the development of advanced biorenewables. He coordinated the land/food/bioenergy and climate science components of the Global Calculator (www.globalcalculator.org) and supervised Alexandre Strapasson’s PhD on ‘the limits to bioenergy’ (http://hdl.handle.net/10044/1/19269). As a member of the Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE) Scientific Advisory Committee on its ‘Bioenergy: bridging the gaps’ project he was lead author of the ‘land and bioenergy’ chapter and co-author on a cross-cutting issues chapter on ‘Food Security’ (http://www.bioenfapesp.org/scopebioenergy). He is a member of the Royal Society’s – DFID Africa Capacity Building Initiative Assessment Panel and previously its Leverhulme Africa Awards Assessment Panel. He has sat on two RS working groups, ‘GHG emissions from agriculture’ in 2010 and its 2008/09 working group on ‘Biofuels’ which produced an internationally acclaimed report on the science and policies needed for their sustainable development.

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