3rd - 4th JULY 2019 | NEC, BIRMINGHAM, UK | Register now
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Harmen Dekker academically earned his bachelor of science (chemistry) and complementary his bachelor in business administration from IM&B (University of Keele; UK). After living for 6 years in the UK whilst looking after the European markets for the chemical industry he moved back to the Netherlands where he developed business for an American renowned specialty gases company in Europe.

Hereafter he switched to the sustainability sector. Within this sector he was responsible for growing the water treatment business in Europe and setting up subsidiaries for several companies. More recently he combined his experience in the gas and water and started working for DMT Environmental Technology. As Manager Business Development he is responsible for the world wide market with prime focus on the biomethane market. He recently started an office for DMT-ET in Asia and is looking after geographical developments as well as introduction of new products and business models within the biogas sector in particular.

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