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Position: Associate Professor of Subsurface/Reservoir Engineering

Organisation: Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Manchester

Bio: I am an Associate Professor of Subsurface/Reservoir Engineering at the Department of Chemical Engineering University of Manchester. I am the lead of a research team at the University of Manchester from 2014 on developing advanced and computationally efficient predictive tools for Underground Gas/Hydrogen Storage (UGS and UHS), CO2 injection into aquifers (CCS) and depleted oil and gas reservoirs (CCUS), fluid characterisation and treatment of geofluids specific to CCS under isothermal and non-isothermal conditions, and CO2 Plume Geothermal (where CO2 is used to extract heat from geothermal reservoirs.

My research has been supported for nearly 800k GBP in research funds (as the Principal Investigator) by Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) of UK, American Chemical Society, Nuclear Waste Services of UK, Royal Society and British Council. My research has been supported directly by TotalEnergies from France, ESGWAY Corporation from US, and METHARC from Denmark. I have published nearly 90 papers in top journals with high impact factors and received nearly 1500 citations. I am the co-I of PINCH project supported by EPSRC (£750k). At the University of Manchester, I teach two MSc level courses on using advanced modelling techniques and thermodynamic characterisation for CCS and CCUS, that also cover PVT analysis, pressure transient analysis and estimation of CO2 storage capacity.

Before my employment at the University of Manchester in 2014, I achieved my PhD study with 4 paper publications at Imperial College London in 2013 funded by EPSRC-Shell Dorothy-Hodgkin Postgraduate Award. I worked on upscaling and multiscale modelling of flow in porous media. Between 2013 and 2014, I worked at Imperial College as a Postdoctoral Research Associate as a member of Minerals, Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Group, participated in projects such as “Multiscale whole systems modelling and analysis for CO2 capture, transport and storage” and “CO2 injection and storage: short and long-term behaviour at different spatial scales”.

Please find here further information about the research team that I lead at University of Manchester.

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