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Terms & Conditions:

Online Exhibition: World Biogas Summit, Expo and Awards 2020, 6-8 October 2020

These terms and conditions apply to all bookings to participate in the above events.  All times are British Standard Time (BST).
These regulations cover areas such as online platform regulations, insurance,  online space set up and display regulations, online codes of conduct etc. Some sections are difficult to read, we admit, but it is necessary that you do so in order to ensure that your participation is as smooth and trouble free as possible.

If you have any questions or require advice or extra explanation of a regulation, then please do not hesitate to contact The Show Team, who will be ready to offer you every assistance.

Contact: Event organiser at cheryl.murdoch@adbioresources.org
Part I
1.1 In these Regulations the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings:
1.1.1 The term ‘Exhibitor’ shall include all employees, servants and agents of any  Company, Partnership, Firm or individual to whom online space has been allocated for the purpose of exhibiting.
1.1.2 The term ‘Exhibition’ shall mean the event as named and dated above.
1.1.3 The term ‘Exhibition Platform’ shall mean the online location for the Exhibition as shown above.
1.1.4 The term ‘Organisers’ shall mean:

The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association Limited (“ADBA”) and World Biogas Association (“WBA”).

Registered Office of both:
Sustainable Bankside, 25 Lavington Street, London SE1 0NZ

Registered in England No. 07015240 (ADBA) and No. 10451565 (WBA)

And their employees or agents.
1.1.5 The term ‘Landlord’ shall mean: The owners and management of the appointed Exhibition platform, its employees or agents.
1.1.6 The term ‘Contract’ shall mean the contract for online space, online roundtable events, speaker slots, sponsorship, display opportunities, or package tier and other Value Added Services at, or connected with, the Exhibition entered into between the Organisers and the Exhibitor which incorporates these Regulations and the Exhibition Manual.
1.1.7 The term ‘Authorities’ shall mean the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in relation to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
1.1.8 The term ‘Service Charge’ means the sum payable under the Contract for   online space, online roundtable events, speaker slots, sponsorship, display opportunities, or package tier and other Value Added Services, plus V.A.T. or similar taxes in accordance with the appropriate legislation.
1.1.9 The term ‘Exhibition Manual’ shall mean the manual to be prepared by the  Organisers and distributed to Exhibitors prior to the Exhibition setting out practical  aspects of their participation at the Exhibition.
1.1.10 The term ‘Value Added Services’ shall include, without limitation, the hire of virtual round table event rooms, sponsorship/advertising arrangements, speaker slots, visitor places, online directory and Organiser website, media partner listing and inclusion in the Event Guide.
1.1.11 The term ‘Operations Manager’ shall mean a nominated professional, of the Organiser’s choosing, that has been appointed to organise the operational aspects of the running of the Exhibition and who is named on the landing page of the online Exhibitor Manual.
1.2 The title to each Regulation hereinafter set out is for ease of reference only and shall not be construed as limiting or defining the content of any Regulation.

2 Eligibility of Exhibits
2.1 Exhibits must fall within the defined scope of the Exhibition. The Exhibitor shall not display on his online space any products which fall into classes other than those described on the application for space, and/or the sales brochure unless prior consent has been given in writing by the Organisers.
2.2 Second hand or reconditioned equipment may be displayed via online video and image content on any online space
2.3 In cases where the Exhibitor wishes to use borrowed equipment on his online space to demonstrate via online video and image content his own products, the display of the name of the firm lending the equipment is not permitted in this context unless the firm is also exhibiting, in which case acknowledgement cards can be displayed.
2.4 An Exhibitor who is either associated with, or a selling agent for, another firm or firms and who wishes to exhibit the products of another firm or firms must state at the time of making an application for space the name of the firms(s) to be  represented at the Exhibition and undertake to confine the exhibits to the goods of  such firm(s). The names of such firm(s) must be displayed on the content used in the online space throughout the Exhibition period.
2.5 The Exhibitor is responsible for obtaining all necessary licences, permits, authorities or other documentation required by UK law or any
other applicable laws or regulations in respect of content Exhibits to be displayed at the Exhibition. Such licenses, permits, authorisations or other documentation shall be produced to the Organiser on request.
2.6 Allotment of online space by the Organisers shall not imply that they accept the  proposed content exhibits, and the Exhibitor must satisfy himself that his content and exhibits comply with the Regulations. The Organisers reserve the right to exclude and/or require to be removed any content exhibit which in their reasonable opinion is not within the scope of the Exhibition or is not suitable for the online space allocated to the Exhibitor or does not comply with clauses 2.4 or 2.5 above. The decision of the Organisers as to the eligibility of the content exhibits will be absolutely final and binding.

3 Participation Cost
3.1 The cost of online space does not include any costs associated with creating and populating exhibitor content as these content costs are the responsibility of the Exhibitor .
3.2 The Exhibitor must conform to the process for uploading and configuring content to populate their online space as outlined in the Exhibition Manual.

4 Conditions of Payment
4.1 The Service Charge shall be paid by the Exhibitor as follows:
40% on contract signing
30% on or before 3 April 2020
30% on or before 3 June 2020
Or 100% within 7 days if the contract date falls after any of these dates.

Value Added Services shall be paid for in full at the date of ordering and such  services may not be cancelled or varied in the period of eight weeks prior to the Exhibition or during the Exhibition.

4.2 If any of the above payments are fourteen days in arrears (whether demanded or not) the Organisers shall have the right to charge interest on the overdue amount  from fourteen days after the due date, at a rate of 2% above the base lending rate of  the National Westminster Bank plc from time to time. Such interest shall accrue after  as well as before any judgement and shall accrue on a daily basis compounded for  the overdue period with three monthly rests. In addition if the above payments are  fourteen days in arrears the Contract may at any time thereafter be terminated  forthwith by notice in writing by the Organisers to the Exhibitor. In such event all  Service Charges paid shall be forfeited and the balance of the Service Charge shall  become due and payable forthwith together with any accrued interest. Such  termination shall not prejudice any rights or claims by the Organisers against the  Exhibitor in respect of any antecedent breach, and where applicable the provisions  of Regulation 20 in Part 2 shall apply.
5 Reduction of Online Package Tier/Withdrawal by the Exhibitor
5.1 Without prejudice to the rights and remedies of the Organisers in respect of any  breach of the Contract on the part of the Exhibitor the Exhibitor may reduce his Online Package Tier or withdraw from the Exhibition or amend or withdraw its order for Value Added Services subject to the following conditions:

(a) the Exhibitor must give written notice to the Organisers setting out the amount of the change in Package Tier which he wishes to reduce or stating his desire to withdraw or amend or withdraw its order for Value Added Services.

(b) On receipt of the Exhibitor’s notice the Organiser will notify the Exhibitor of the proportion of Service Charge of the changed Package Tier and/or Value Added Services payable notwithstanding the reduction or amendment or of the consideration payable for release from the Contract as follows or to amend or withdraw its order for Value Added Services:

Date of receipt by Organisers of Exhibitor’s notice to reduce or withdraw Proportion of Service Charge payable on reduction Proportion of Service Charge payable on withdrawal:

On or before 3 April 2020 40%
After 3 April 2020 but on or before 3 June 2020 70%
After 3 June 2020 100%

The Service Charge balance due from the Exhibitor under this Regulation in the event of a reduction in online Package Tier or cancellation or amendment of Value Added Services will be due and payable forthwith notwithstanding anything said in Regulation 4.
Withdrawal by Exhibitor

The Service Charge due from the Exhibitor under this Regulation in the event of a withdrawal from the Exhibition will be due and payable forthwith and upon payment thereof to the Organisers by the Exhibitor (credit being given by the Organisers for all sums already paid by the Exhibitor) the Contract shall be cancelled and neither party shall have any further claim against the other.

(c) Any division of an online space necessary as a result of a request to reduce will be at the Organisers’ discretion.

(d) Notwithstanding anything said to the contrary, the Organisers reserve at all times the right to refuse to permit the Exhibitor to reduce his Package Tier size; such refusal shall not, however, affect the Exhibitor’s right to withdraw from the Exhibition in accordance with this Regulation.

6 Occupation and Completion of Site
6.1 The Exhibitor and content production or marketing contractors may (subject to any special conditions contained within the Exhibitor’s Manual) sign on to the Exhibition platform for the purpose of populating their online space and preparing exhibits from 21 September 2020 when the Exhibition platform will be open to visitors. In the interests of the Exhibition, the Organisers require that the Exhibitors populate their online showcase two weeks before the start of the show.
6.2 The Exhibitor undertakes that his online space will be ready, and all exhibitor content populated thereon for display and all arrangements in connection therewith completed by 08:00 hrs on 21 September 2020.
6.3 IN NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL THE EXHIBITOR BE PERMITTED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE ONLINE EVENT OR POPULATE AN ONLINE SPACE IF THE SERVICE CHARGE HAS NOT BEEN PAID IN FULL. Should an Exhibitor be prevented from occupying his online space for this reason, all Service Charge paid shall be forfeited and the balance of the Service charge shall be recoverable forthwith by the Organisers. The Organisers shall be entitled to utilise the online space which had been allotted to such Exhibitor in such a manner as the Organisers shall think fit and to recover from the Exhibitor any expenditure incurred in so doing.
6.4 The Exhibitor will not remove any of his online content prior to the closing of the Exhibition at 17.00 hrs on 8 October 2020 and is requested to maintain this content on the platform for three months following this date.

7 Population of Exhibitor showcase space on the Exhibition Platform
7.1 Exhibitors receive password access from Organiser
7.2 Exhibitors receive Exhibition Manual with instructions for uploading and displaying content for online space, speaker slots, display advertising and sponsorship
7.3 Exhibitors are responsible for their own showcase online space, display content and sponsor content design and production. The  Organisers will be pleased to offer advice and guidance and can provide a fully comprehensive service if required.
7.4 The Organisers may remove or alter anything  in, on, or forming part of any Exhibitor space, speaker content, display or sponsor slot if, in their opinion, it is desirable to do so in the interests of the Exhibition.

Part II

1 Regulations
The Exhibitor must comply with the requirements of the Authorities and with the regulations issued by the Exhibitor Platform.

2 Exemptions
Applications for any consent by the Organisers must be in writing and must set out  full details of the matters for which consent is sought. Exemptions from any  Regulation may be granted at the Organisers’ discretion. No exemption given by the Organisers will be effective unless it is in writing.

3 Alteration of online space

The contract constitutes a licence to exhibit and not a tenancy. The Organisers  reserve the right at any time and from time to time to make such alterations in the  navigation of the online Exhibition as may in their opinion be necessary in the best interests of the Exhibition to alter the shape, size or position of the space allotted to the Exhibitor. No alteration to the space allotted will be made in such a way as to impose on the Exhibitor any greater liability for Service Charge than that undertaken in the Contract.

4 Sub-Letting
The Exhibitor shall not assign the Contract, sub-let or part with his online space or any portion of it without prior written consent from the Organisers. Other than as permitted by Regulations 2.4. and 2.5 of Part 1 of these regulations no name other than that of the Exhibitor may be displayed on the online space or online exhibitor listing, nor may any content in respect of goods other than those of the Exhibitor be displayed or distributed without the written consent of the Organisers.

5 Conduct of Exhibitors
5.1 Every Exhibitor shall ensure that his online space is open to view and staffed by competent representatives during the live Exhibition hours 9AM-5PM 6,7 & 8 OCTOBER 2020. In the event of any Exhibitor failing to staff his online space or populate this space with content the Organisers may do so or may arrange for the online space and contents to be removed and the Exhibitor shall be liable for any losses, including for any charges that may be incurred. The Organisers will not be liable for any losses, including consequential losses, sustained by the Exhibitor as a result of this action.
5.2 Every Exhibitor, and all persons for whom he may be considered responsible in any way whatsoever, must not take part in any canvassing or polling (save with the prior written consent of the Organiser) or any online petitioning, online demonstrations, objectionable behaviour or any activity which may disrupt the Exhibition.
5.3 The Exhibitor must conduct his business ONLY FROM HIS OWN ONLINE SPACE and must not under any circumstances canvass amongst
Exhibitors or visitors to the Exhibition. All efforts to advertise, promote sales and  operate exhibits must be conducted so as not to cause annoyance or inconvenience  to other Exhibitors and visitors.
5.4 Solicitations (in person or by any sound process) above the ordinary speaking  tone of voice are prohibited without the written consent of the Organisers.

6 Tickets and Passes
The Organisers will issue unique Exhibition Platform access links to given Exhibitor email addresses in lieu of official tickets of admission and admission will only be via these individual links. No Exhibitor will be admitted into the Exhibitor Platform without using these issued links. The Organisers reserve the right at their discretion to withdraw the login credentials issued to any person if complaints have been received concerning his conduct. The number of free logins issued to an Exhibitor is at the discretion of the Organisers.

8 Insurance
8.1 Third Party Claims
The Exhibitor will indemnify the Organiser in respect of each and every claim, and all actions, proceedings, costs and demands in respect thereof.
8.2 The Organisers shall not be responsible for loss of or damage to content and intellectual property in the custody of the Exhibitor, his invitees or licensees howsoever caused.  The Exhibitor must take out and maintain adequate insurance in respect of all such claims.
8.3 Loss of Expenses. Exhibitors must insure against costs and expenses which they may incur in the event of the Exhibition being abandoned, cancelled, postponed, or  curtailed in whole or part for causes outside the Organisers’ control, since the  Organisers accept no responsibility in such an eventuality.
8.4 It is the contracted Exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure that any participants in their online showcase have adequate Public Liability insurance cover of their own, otherwise the contracted  Exhibitor will be held responsible for any claims relating to the online space sharers.
8.5 Online space sharers can arrange their own insurance. If online space sharers organise or  have their own insurance, Exhibitors should ask their online space sharer to check that their Public Liability covers them at the Exhibition .

9 Direction Signs
The Organisers reserve the right to affix online space numbers or navigations signs/links on any online space in any position.

10 Competitions
No competitions or the like may be held without the written consent of the  Organisers.

11 Official Online EVENT GUIDE
An official online catalogue will be issued as the Event Guide. The Organisers do not accept any responsibility for any omissions, misquotations or other errors which may occur in the competition of the online Event Guide.

12 Photographs and screen shots

An Exhibitor online space or articles may not be photographed, drawn, copied or reproduced without  the written permission of the Organisers. The Organisers reserve the right to take photographs, screen shots, films, videos, or other recordings of Exhibitors’ online space,  representatives and their products, displayed at the Exhibition for the purposes of the Exhibition and future Exhibitions.

13 Force Majeure
If the Exhibition is abandoned, cancelled or suspended in whole or part by reason of  war, fire, terrorism, national emergency, labour dispute, strike, lock out, civil  disturbance, quarantines or restrictions in movement caused by communicable  diseases, inevitable accident, national or court mourning, the non-availability of the  Exhibition Platform or any other cause real or threatened not within the control of the  Organisers, whether ejusdem generis or not, the Organisers may at their entire discretion repay the Service Charge paid by the Exhibitor, or part thereof, but shall  be under no obligation to repay the whole or part of such charge, and shall be under  no liability to the Exhibitor in respect of any actions, claims, losses (including  consequential losses), costs or expenses whatsoever which may be brought against or suffered or incurred by the Exhibitor, as a result of the happening of any such  event.

14 Organisers’ Right to Terminate Contract
If any Exhibitor shall during the period for which the Licence is hereby granted fail to  observe or perform any of the provisions of the Contract the Organisers shall have  the right to terminate the Contract forthwith by notice in writing to such an Exhibitor.  In such an event the exhibits of such Exhibitor shall be removed from the Exhibition  Platform and their login credentials revoked at a time to be stated by the Organisers and thereafter such Exhibitor shall not be entitled to access thereto or to the Exhibition Platform. The Organisers shall be entitled, if necessary, to remove said Exhibitor content. All Service Charges paid by the Exhibitor shall be forfeited to and retained by the Organisers and the Exhibitor shall indemnify the Organisers in respect of all costs, losses, damages or expenses (including any consequential loss or damage) incurred as the result of such failure.

15 Organisers’ Right to Cancel Exhibition
The Organisers shall have the right at all times to abandon, cancel or suspend the  Exhibition in whole or part in the event that there is likely to be insufficient exhibitor  participation in and support for the Exhibition, the likelihood of such insufficiency to  be determined by the Organiser whose decision shall be final. In the event of such an abandonment, cancellation or suspension, the Exhibitor shall be entitled to  receive repayment of all Service Charge paid, but the Organiser shall not be further  responsible to the Exhibitor in respect of any actions, claims, losses (including  consequential losses), costs or expenses which may be brought against or suffered  or incurred by the Exhibitor as the result of the abandonment, cancellation or  suspension of the event.

16 Failure of Services
The Organisers will use their best endeavours to ensure the supply of the services of  the Platforms and those mentioned in the Exhibitor’s Manual, but they shall not incur any liability to an Exhibitor for any loss or damage, if any such services shall wholly or partially fail or cease to be available nor shall the Exhibitor be entitled to any allowance in respect of capital due or paid.

17 Bankruptcy or Liquidation
Should an Exhibitor being an individual firm become bankrupt, have a receiving Order made against him or make any arrangements with his or their creditors, or being a limited company, go into liquidation (other than a voluntary liquidation for the purpose of amalgamation or reconstruction) or have an administrative receiver  appointed, or an administrative order is made against the Exhibitor or its assets or  the Exhibitor enters into any arrangement with its creditors or is unable to pay its  debts as they become due the Contract with such Exhibitor shall terminate forthwith  save that all Service Charge paid shall be forfeited and the balance of the Service  Charge shall become due and payable forthwith and such termination shall be  without prejudice to any claim of the Organisers against the Exhibitor in respect of  any antecedent breach.

18 Copyrights and Patents
18.1 The Organisers will not be liable for any loss or damage the exhibitor may  sustain in respect of the infringement of any of his copyrights or patents arising out of his participation in the Exhibition. The Exhibitor is strongly advised to make formal  application for the grant or the registration of a design, as the case may be, not later  than six months after the opening of the Exhibition.
18.2 Exhibitors shall not display exhibits or other materials which infringe the  patents, copyright or other intellectual property rights of another exhibitor or third  party. The Organisers reserve the right to assist the relevant authorities to take  appropriate action against infringers.

19 Rights of the Organisers and Platform Providers
The Organisers and the Platform providers and those authorised by them respectively have the right to suspend the Exhibition Platform at any time to execute works, repairs and alterations and any other purposes. No compensation will be payable to an Exhibitor for damage, loss or inconvenience so caused. The Organisers may at any time in the interest of the good management of the Exhibition, impose such further regulations of general application as they may, in their absolute discretion, think fit.

20 Interpretation of Regulations
20.1 In the event of any dispute as to the interpretation of these Regulations as a  result of their translation into a foreign language, the English version shall be taken  as authentic.
20.2 The Contract represents the entire agreement between the Exhibitor and the Organisers to take space on the Exhibition Platform and other Value
Added Services and supercedes all promises and statements between the parties  other than those expressly incorporated into the Contract. In addition, the Exhibitor  acknowledges that he has not entered into the Contract in reliance upon any  representation, warranty or undertaking which is not expressly set out or referred to  in this Contract. This does not exclude liability for fraudulent misrepresentation. 20.3 These Regulations shall apply to all contracts and shall override any terms  submitted by the Exhibitor which shall have no legal effect.
20.4 These Regulations shall only be varied with prior written agreement of the Organiser.

21 Disputes
The proper law of Contract shall be English Law and all disputes as to the  construction of application of these Regulations or the rights and liabilities of any  person hereunder shall be determined by English Law.

22 Public Performance
If Exhibitors propose to use audio and/or audio visual equipment to play sound or  audio visual recordings and/or relay television transmissions, whether by means of  TV, video, record, CDs, cassettes or other electronic means, or if Exhibitors propose  to provide live performances, it is the Exhibitors responsibility to obtain all  appropriate licences including from (but not limited to) the Performing Right Society  Ltd 29-33 Berners Street, London W1T 3AB (telephone 020 7580 5544) and  Phonographic Performance Ltd of 1 Upper James Street, London, W1F 9DE  (telephone 020 7534 1000) at the Exhibitor’s own expense.

23 Internet Connection Policy
23.1  It is intended to ensure the smooth operation of computer technology and internet access for the benefit of all Exhibitors free from any damage that may otherwise be caused by the use of technology without proper care and attention.
23.2 This Policy applies to any form of computer, whether PC, laptop, server or PDA or any similar device (“Computers”) which is provided by the Exhibitor (or any third  party) and connected by wired or wireless means to the network(s) of the Organiser or any of its contractors at the Exhibition (“the Network”).
23.3 Exhibitors shall use their best endeavours to prevent any unauthorised access  to the Network and to ensure that use of the Platforms does not introduce any computer bugs, computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, software bombs or any similar items or software into the Network.
23.4 All computers must have one of the latest commercially available versions of  anti-virus and firewall software correctly installed and configured. This software must be kept up to date for the duration of the online Exhibition.
23.5 The Organisers reserve the right to deploy online tools to confirm that Exhibitors are in compliance with this policy.
23.6 In the event that on investigation it becomes clear that the latest version of anti virus and/or firewall software is not installed and being used or there is some other  failure to comply with the Policy, the Organisers reserve the right to block access to any or all Computers and Networks from the Platform.
23.7 In the event of such disconnection it is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to  ensure that a current version of anti-virus and/or firewall software is installed or any  other failure to comply with the Policy is remedied. Only once this remedial action  has been taken to the satisfaction of the Organiser will the Exhibitor then be allowed re-connection to the Network.
23.8 Internet connection to the Platform is the responsibility of the Exhibitor and is entirely at the Exhibitor’s own risk  and the Organisers shall not be liable for any loss, damage or liability (whether direct, indirect, special or consequential including, without limitation, loss of profits, business interruption, loss of programmes or other data) which may result.
23.9 The Exhibitor shall indemnify the Organiser for any loss or damage costs or  expenses suffered by the Organiser, other Exhibitors or other attendees at the  Exhibition as a result of the Exhibitor failing to comply with this internet connection policy.

24 Privacy Policy
By signing the Contract to Exhibit the Exhibitor is consenting, under all relevant data protection legislation, to the Organiser communicating with Exhibitors by telephone, email and by post and using its personal information for the following purposes,  namely: for the Organisers’ internal purposes which will include accounts processing, internal analysis of Exhibitors, inviting Exhibitors to other events organised by the Organiser or its group, disclosure of information to Contractors who provide services in respect of the Exhibition (including but not limited to visitors), disclosure to direct mailing contractors and disclosure or transfer of Exhibitor’s personal data to members of the Organiser’s group worldwide to allow the group to further develop its business and its services to Exhibitors.

The Organiser may also pass Exhibitor details to third parties who provide goods  and services likely to be of interest to Exhibitors. Please contact the Organiser at  cheryl.murdoch@adbioresources.org if you do not wish your personal information to  be used in any of the ways above.

Appendix1: Package Tiers

Package tiers are set out at: https://www.biogastradeshow.com/sponsor-brochure/    

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