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Position: Founder and CEO

Organisation: Callala

Bio: Andrew is the founder and CEO of Callala, an innovation consultancy dedicated to strengthening Technology for Good within an ESG context. With deep expertise in digital product development, particularly in space-derived data analytics and geospatial intelligence, Andrew provides business consulting support to cutting-edge technology providers.

From concept development to market-testing and product refinement, he translates innovative ideas into practical solutions, and ultimately to operational services. At Callala, Andrew ensures the delivery of compelling technical and commercial insights, driving significant impact for partners.

His vision is to lead technological advancements that align with ethical standards and environmental responsibility. Andrew’s commitment to ESG principles is evident in every project, showcasing his belief in technology as a force for good.

Under his leadership, Callala thrives, setting new standards in the consultancy industry and inspiring excellence, transparency, and integrity. Andrew is a pivotal figure in the tech-for-good movement, making a lasting impact on both his team, network, and the industry.

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