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SUMA Rührtechnik GmbH

Stand: J21


SUMA is your provider for agitators, mixers and pumps designed for biogas plants, liquid manure tanks, lagoons or the waste water industry. We’ve been delivering our solutions for over 65 years. Our knowledge and technology combined with our field-related expertise makes SUMA able to deliver custom solutions for your business


SUMA offers a wide range of long axis agitators and submersible mixers for management of liquids in steel and concrete tanks, lagoons and containers common in biogas plants, farming as well as industry and waste water management. With our range of pumps we offer a perfectly matched system of agitator and pump for stirring, mixing, homogenising, pumping and filling from one hand. In addition, we offer service and installation of our solutions. Be it for a new installation, modification, component exchange or maintenance work – our team of experienced service specialists will support you.


  • Technology Supplier
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