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A Bright Outlook for Biogas in Britain

No matter your opinion on Brexit, we can all agree that now that it’s “done”, it marks the end of a significant period of instability in the UK. What else is certain is that there is now far more scope for the UK’s Net Zero policy to get the attention it deserves, and with Scotland hosting COP26 at the end of 2020, it’s time for action now.

We have been working around the clock to ensure that the government recognises the need for biogas. We will soon be presenting a document, signed by key members of the association, outlining the potential biogas has to reduce carbon emissions in the UK and our intention to support the industry to do this. We are seeing great examples of major UK sectors embracing AD and biogas into their infrastructure and encouraging indicators of policy changes that will favour our industry.

The word is getting out that there is no net zero without biogas

Here are another few things that get us excited about the outlook of biogas in Britain:

PM confirms successor to the RHI in the pipeline
As the Budget approaches on 11 March, the Prime Minister has confirmed that they are looking into successor arrangements for the Renewable Heat Incentive, the primary support mechanism for the UK biomethane industry.

Preparations underway for COP26 in Glasgow
On the 4th of February, the PM launched the Climate Summit in the UK. With preparations underway for hosting COP26, we are expecting to see announcements throughout the year to ensure Britain is leading the way on the green economy.

Plenty of feedstock that needs processing
The government has committed to separately collecting all food waste in England, which will significantly increase the feedstock available to AD. On top of this there is 90 million tonnes of farm waste already collected but not treated through AD, and more wastewater. In addition, the Climate Change Committee has now set out that bioenergy crops need to increased to deliver the UK’s Net Zero target.

Treating all of these potential feedstocks can cut UK emissions by 6%, and in the hardest to decarbonise sectors. This would deliver over 30% of the UK’s 2030 carbon budget. The opportunity is there, and we, the UK biogas industry, must take it to deliver our full carbon saving potential.

It’s time to get involved now!

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