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Exhibitor Press Release: FM BioEnergy to offer FREE digester healthcare kits at World Biogas Expo

FM BioEnergy to offer FREE digester healthcare kits at World Biogas Expo

FM BioEnergy, Stand H9, World Biogas Expo, NEC Birmingham, 10-11 July 2024


Biogas optimisation specialists FM BioEnergy will highlight the importance of plant optimisation at this summer’s World Biogas Expo in Birmingham with TWO on-stand giveaways for AD operators looking to boost their biogas output. As well as free samples of their game-changing one-a-day digester additive BC.MICROcon5 (which contains the exact daily dose of the five most essential trace elements in one handy-size tab), the company will also hand out free digester healthcare kits, in a bid to increase plant safety and maximise operators’ ROI.


As the official UK partner of leading German biogas R&D specialists, Schaumann BioEnergy, FM BioEnergy have been at the forefront of AD innovation for more than a decade. Bringing their experience and knowledge to the NEC this July, the company will showcase the latest products developed at Schaumann’s in-house laboratory, which have been developed following direct feedback from UK customers.


One-a-day trace element additive

“We know that plant safety is a major concern for UK AD operators,” says FM BioEnergy’s General Manager Tim Elsome. “For this reason, we are delighted to bring our brand-new digester additive BC.MICROcon5 to the show. Safe to store and handle, requiring no gloves, goggles or protective clothing, and needing no weighing or measuring, it’s changed the way that trace elements are administered, reducing the risks around maintaining a stable digester biology. It contains the exact daily dose for a 1MW plant of the five trace elements most essential for a healthy digester: tungsten, selenium, molybdenum, cobalt and nickel. Make sure to stop by stand H9 to pick up your free sample.”


Grass silage trial

Silage is another major focus area for the company, who will reveal the results of their recent trial with AD operator Vale Green Energy during a live presentation in the Engine Room.


“Our latest silage additive – Silasil Energy SG – has been developed specially for UK grass and trialled in conjunction with our customer Vale Green Energy,” states Tim. “Suitable for use on a range of dry matter content – no matter what this summer brings – it keeps grass silage free from yeasts and moulds, speeds up fermentation time and prevents reheating at the clamp face, ensuring that biogas production is maximised. We’re excited to share the results of the Vale Green trial with visitors to the show and are looking forward to demonstrating just what a difference this product can make.”


Reducing methane leaks

Having completed more than 1,200 gas leakage detection surveys on plants across Europe – and finding leaks in 85% of cases – FM BioEnergy will also highlight the importance of regular methane leak checks. “Not only is there a safety concern around methane leakage, but there are environmental and financial implications too,” warns Tim.


“We’ll be signing up visitors to our leakage surveys throughout the two days of the show, and also encouraging people to take away one of our free digester healthcare kits, in a bid to improve overall plant safety and boost biogas output. Visitors who pick up a kit will be instructed on how to take an accurate sample of their digestate, which will be sent off for analysis free of charge at our dedicated laboratory in Germany.”


For more information on FM BioEnergy’s range of digester additives, trace elements, silage additives, biological consultancy, laboratory analysis, feedstock supply and gas leakage detection surveys, visit stand H9 or go to www.fmbioenergy.co.uk




















About FM BioEnergy

FM BioEnergy provides a range of services to help operators of anaerobic digestion plants gain more control of the process and increase methane yields, in order to improve their return on investment. The company has taken its knowledge of livestock nutrition and built on this by partnering with Schaumann BioEnergy, the German market leaders in biogas optimisation and process efficiency. FM BioEnergy works across both waste and agricultural plants and its client base generates 35% of the UK’s AD/biogas output.


Enquiries to:

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W:          www.forfarmers.co.uk/fm-bioenergy


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