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Concrete tanks for AD & Biogas – for a sustainable future

With concrete tanks for various applications, we are ready to contribute with transformation from fossil fuels to renewable energy

Operating across Europe, A-­Consult has +30 years of experience installing over 8,500 precast concrete tanks of which more than 1,500 have been used for primary / secondary digesters, digestate storage and mixer / reception tanks.

Manufactured under factory controlled conditions, A-­Consult offer a product constructed from high strength concrete panels and being precast, installation is speedy and generally unhampered by inclement weather conditions, a real consideration for meeting tight program dates.

Our digester tank range features diameters up to 50m, with tank heights up to 14m increasing wall heights of 100mm increments. Cast in items such as sockets, flanges and man ways can be facilitated in a factory using during panel construction, this can greatly assist with the post fixing of pipework, mixers, feeders and gas tight roofs, resulting in program and cost reduction for on-­site working.

Gas tight precast concrete roofs can be offered as an alternative to standard double membrane gas tight domes, non-gas tight roofs are also available for digestate storage. Digestate storage tank diameters up to 50m and can be easily converted into digester tanks at a later date should you wish to increase the capacity of your plant.


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