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2.2 million businesses are set to start separating food waste for collection and recycling in England, according to WRAP

Nicola Kemp, Specialist – Waste and Recycling, at the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), is a guest speaker in the Engine Room theatre at the World Biogas Expo. She’s in the session Maximising Food Waste Segregation & Collection. In the run-up to the Expo, here’s what Nicola has to say…


What brings you to the World Biogas Expo 2024?

WRAP have undertaken research into food waste collections across the UK for over 15 years, our learnings and insight will be shared with attendees alongside work we are currently undertaking via the Organics Roadmap to improve the quality of feedstock and outputs whilst reducing the environmental impact of IVCs and AD facilities. WRAP undertake various workstreams and regularly work on behalf of policy makers, providing support and interventions to help the broader waste management sector be ready for policy change.  WRAP’s research and engagement work is vast as we attempt to address key challenges affecting the world in a bid to tackle the climate crisis. We undertake critical work across value chains with a focus on food waste, textiles, plastics and water. 


What is the state-of-play of food waste collection? How could this impact the biogas sector?

‘Food waste from all sectors is around 10.7 million tonnes (Mt). For households and businesses, 70% was intended to be consumed by people (30% being the ‘inedible’ parts)’. ‘In 2021/22, WRAP research showed we threw away 4.7 Mt of good food from our households, equivalent to 12% of the food we purchase.’ https://www.wrap.ngo/taking-action/food-drink/actions/action-on-food-waste#:~:text=By%20cutting%20food%20waste%2C%20the,of%20the%20food%20we%20purchase. This wasteful trend needs to change!

As a result of the Simpler Recycling policy approximately 2.2million businesses and organisations in England will need to start separating food waste for collection and recycling by April 2027. This represents a challenge for the sector ensuring sufficient processing capacity exists — it also presents a significant opportunity. See: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/simpler-recycling-collections-and-tougher-regulation-to-reform-waste-system


If our readers are thinking right now of registering to attend to the World Biogas Expo 2024, what would you say to them?

Attending events such as the World Biogas Expo provide an excellent opportunity to network with key stakeholders and learn about the state of the sector.





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