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Exhibitor Press Release: CycleØ unlocks the value of agri-food waste through its small-scale, decentralised biomethane platform

The CycleØ and FNX teams will be at the World Biogas Expo on the 29th and 30th of March 2023. Visit stand D701, to learn more about their technology and biomethane platform!

CycleØ builds, owns and operates distributed, small-scale biomethane plants and liquefaction facilities. With the recent launch of a new office in Ireland and 18 projects underway in the EU and Latin America, CycleØ is unlocking the biomethane value chain and helping the world meet net-zero emissions – today.

While European biomethane production hit a record-setting output of 7 bcm in 2022, the industry still has far to go to meet the revised RePowerEU target of 35 bcm by 2030.

The EU’s agri-food waste feedstock alone has the potential to produce 32 bcm or 90 per cent of the RePowerEU goal. The challenge to achieving this potential biomethane output is finding efficient, sustainable and economical solutions to unlock the value of feedstock located in remote and rural areas.

CycleØ’s innovative biomethane platform offers a critical opportunity for overcoming this challenge and realising the full potential of biomethane in the EU and worldwide.

“Accessing remote feedstock requires a special approach that we bring to the table,” said CycleØ CEO Laurence Molke. “Our technical solutions, our ability to build plants economically and our engineering experience are what is allowing us to unlock the biomethane value chain in the EU and beyond.”

CycleØ builds, owns and operates small-scale biomethane plants. Its skid-mounted modular units are easy to ship and assemble on-site, making them ideal for deployment at remote locations to access feedstock that would otherwise be stranded.

Along with this proprietary upgrading technology, CycleØ is one of a few EU companies offering modular, skid-mounted liquefaction facilities designed for portability, minimising erection and commissioning delays whilst reducing costs.

The experienced team at FNX, the company’s Spanish manufacturing subsidiary, designs, builds and thoroughly tests each upgrading and liquefaction unit before shipping to ensure seamless installation and reliable operation in the field.

CycleØ’s plants require reduced CAPEX costs and don’t need a direct pipeline connection. The company also partners with grid operators and provides virtual pipeline infrastructure to ensure the RNG they produce contributes to decarbonising the grid.

“Our core competitive strength is that we deliver the complete package,” Molke said. “We have decades-long experience building greenfield projects and operating plants that are small- or medium-sized. “As owners, we have developed multiple routes to efficiently and economically move the biomethane produced by ourselves and our partners to market.”

The UK-based company recently opened a new office in Ireland and is preparing for further rapid expansion throughout the EU.

The 18 projects currently operating or under construction by CycleØ include:

  •  The first Bio-C2V-CNG plant in Spain. This 0.5 MWh facility converts cow slurry to produce biomethane for vehicular applications.
  • Chile’s first Bio-LNG plant. When complete, this 4MWh plant will process waste from a pig farm to produce Bio-LNG via a partnership with Lipigas.

With financial backing from Ara Partners, CycleØ has the capital to make any biomethane project a reality. The company is open to partnerships throughout the RNG value chain, from farmers to food manufacturers and off-takers.


About CycleØ

CycleØ is an integrated producer of biomethane for vehicles and grid injection that builds, owns and operates small to medium-scale, distributed biomethane plants in Europe, Latin America and beyond.

The company’s proprietary upgrading technology captures and converts gas from agri-food feedstock at distributed, often remote locations to produce Bio-CNG and Bio-LNG.

Modular upgrading units – Built and tested at FNX, Cycle0’s manufacturing subsidiary

Manufactured by FNX, CycleØ’s Spanish subsidiary, its skid-mounted, modular upgrading and liquefaction systems are built and tested in-house. This makes them easy to deploy for greenfield and biogas conversion projects at any production site.

With backing from Ara Partners, a leading decarbonisation private equity firm, CycleØ’s experienced team has the necessary resources to rapidly grow its platform through organic development and partnerships/acquisitions.

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