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Position: Chief Technology Officer

Organisation: SHV Energy

Bio: Since joining SHV Energy in 2015, Keith has been instrumental in the development and expansion of the company’s renewable energy solutions. His initial role was as a consultant, but he became a formal part of the company in 2019.

As an Industrial Chemist by training, and with experience in innovation management in sustainable energy and carbon abatement technologies, he has been central to development of the scientific base for new technology in Futuria Fuels.  By establishing collaborative Research and Development programmes, Keith is identifying and supporting technologies which will help SHV Energy to reach the goal of being increasingly low carbon. This includes technologies based around bioLPG, renewable Dimethyl Ether (rDME) and hydrogen.

He leads global teams of experienced research and development professionals, both within SHV Energy and externally, together with academic groups in Europe, North and South America and recently Southern Africa and India.

His scientific and technical leadership has resulted in the development of a process for the production of On-purpose manufacture of BioLPG from Ethanol. Keith also supported the development of components with the potential to be qualified for use as Sustainable Aviation Fuel. This patent-pending route is currently being tested, in partnership with GTI Energy, at a pilot plant in Chicago.

Keith has also supported the establishment of a joint venture between Kew Technologies and SHV Energy. Circular Fuels Limited, now a joint-venture with Dimeta, is aiming to establish an Advanced Conversion Technology for renewable and low-carbon rDME production. As a result, the first dedicated rDME demonstration plant will be built in the UK during 2024. This will soon by followed by commercial production plants, which will be the first of their kind.

His contribution to promoting scientific and technical progress has been recognised with innovation awards from the World LPG Association in both 2021 and 2022. He was also recognized by Biofuels Digest magazine as being one of the top 500 global leaders in the bioeconomy field in 2023 and 2024.

Keith regularly publishes his scientific work with partners in peer-reviewed journals and was formerly Chair of the World Biogas Association Policy, Innovation and Technical Committee.

Before joining SHV Energy, Keith held roles in many organisations including Johnson Matthey, Avantium Technologies, BP, Elastopoli, Oxford University and the European Commission. These posts covered a wide range of commercial, scientific, teaching and consulting positions.

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