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Dr. Keith Simons

Position: Principal Scientist

Company: SHV Energy

Keith joined SHV Energy in February 2019 after a period working on a part time consultancy basis both for the UK based subsidiary (Calor GB) and for SHV Energy. Keith has 30+ years of continuous advancement and expertise in international business, sales and marketing, R&D, sustainability and industrial-academic collaboration.  Keith is a core team member of the Global Biofuels Team. The Biofuels programme is designed to explore, develop & exploit routes for the group to reach its Bold ambition to source 100% of its energy products from renewable sources by 2040. This programme, – focuses on 5 main activities; scouting for new supply of renewable gas including BioLPG (Renewable Propane), BioLNG and Renewable DME, supporting sustainable feedstock development, researching novel conversion technologies, exploring new product options and global stakeholder management. SHV Energy Group is an off-grid LPG distributor serving over 30 million customers around the globe with decentralised, clean, safe and efficient energy. SHV Energy customers rely on its products for a wide variety of applications including domestic, industrial and transport solutions.

SHV Energy strategy for sustainable development over the next 20 years is to ensure that the source and supply of its clean, safe and efficient gas products becomes increasingly renewable, bio-based and lowest carbon. In his current role, Keith is responsible for managing the R&D portfolio and evaluation criteria for new areas of research / involvement by SHV Energy group globally.

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