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Tariff Guarantees on the RHI

Luke Bailey, Senior Policy Manager – RHI, Ofgem


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Attracting Institutional Investors to Biogas

Helena Andersen, Ikigai Capital  (Chair) 

Phil Gerrard, Privilege Finance

Gregory Krupnikovs, Rika Biofuels

James Samworth, Head of Bioenergy, Greencoat Capital

Alex Marshall, Group Marketing and Compliance Director, Clarke Energy

13:15 – 14: 00

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ADCS – Setting the Benchmark and Cutting Costs

Thomas Minter, Malaby Biogas

Carl Gurney, Jelf

Sam Hinton, Technical Support Manager, ADBA

Nick Johnn, Aardvark Certification

14:15 – 15: 00

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New Employment Law Updates

Rachel Thomson, Head of Employment Law, Jelf

15:15 – 16: 00

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Carly Whittaker, Principal Sustainability and Compliance Specialist, RTFO Unit, Department for Transport

12:00 – 12: 30

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Finance for Emerging Markets

(Presentation)  Opportunities in Overseas Markets

Deborah Sacks, Waste & Resources Specialist, Department for International Trade


Wade McRoberts, Alps Ecoscience;

Gregory Krupnikovs, Rika Biofuels

12:30 – 13:15

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Key Skills Training for Plant Safety

Gavin Dearsley, Director, Alan Boswell Group

Mark Reed, Group Manager, LFB

13:30 – 14:00

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Policy Outlook 2019-2020

Alberto Rocamora, Policy, ADBA

Ollie Moore, Head of Policy, ADBA

Charlotte Morton, CEO, ADBA

14:15 – 15:00

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