3rd - 4th JULY 2019 | NEC, BIRMINGHAM, UK | Register now
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R&I Hub Programme

12:45 – 13:30

R&I Hub – Biogas Futures


The value of the bioeconomy across Europe alone is reportedly around €2 trillion and the sector is set for dramatic expansion over the next decade. Bioenergy is a key component of that. This expert panel will consider the next frontiers for optimising biogas production.


(Chair) Keith Simons, Principal Scientist – Sustainable Fuels, SHV Energy

Anna Alessi, Project & Communications Manager,Biorenewables Development Centre – De-risking R&D in the bioeconomy.

Prof. James Chong – Dept of Biology, York University – Advances in our ability to harness the power of methanogens.

Tony Wimpenny, Director, BohrEnergy – Optimising outputs with IOT (the internet of things).

Somayeh Taheri, CEO, UrbanChain – how blockchain can help optimise biogas income.

R&I Hub Exhibitors

Contact Maddie for more information: Maddie Hopper, Membership Manager E: maddie.hopper@adbioresources.org T: (+44) 7908162794

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