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Advanced Bacterial Sciences Ltd


Advanced Bacterial Sciences Ltd is a science-led organisation creating innovative microbial solutions for human and planetary benefit and bringing associated products and services to market. ABS’ environmentally benign bacterial products boost efficiencies, cut maintenance / running costs, regenerate natural systems, reduce regulatory infringement & health risks and greenhouse gas emission.

Products & Services

ABS offer next generation bioremedial solutions for a variety of applications ranging from, but not limited to, resolving issues associated with; Anaerobic Digestion, waste water pollution, blocked urinals and sewers, oil spills, eutrophic freshwater courses, algae chocked marinas and agriculture pollution. ABS are looking to make an impact in the AD market through a new range of products and associated services. We are currently developing several AD products, one of which enhances methane production from hard-to-digest feedstocks. Lab trials show a 25% increase in methane potential for hard-to-digest feedstocks and reduction in digestate viscosity. Another eco-friendly product we are developing is a struvite removal technology: this product is non-corrosive and can dissolve struvite deposits from within pipes and machinery within 4 hours. The product has no negative effects on pipework, machinery or digester health and reduces cleaning costs, H&S risks and downtimes associated with struvite removal. The next step for ABS is to prove the concept of our methane boosting product and struvite removal product in field trials. In 2023 ABS will be trialling other AD enhancing products, such as a trace element additives, and taking them to field trials. Alongside our product development ABS offer a fully encompassing and ongoing AD technical consultation service that aids site owners and operators in; increasing methane production, improving general plant and digester health, improving on / off site efficiencies, decreasing downtimes and improving health and safety onsite.


AD Consultants, Data Analysis and Optimisation, Environmental Consultants

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