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AD operator Amur, knows how to drive innovation and unlock the potential of AD’s. We help boost performance, by optimising gas yields with selective feedstocks and additives. Our AD lab enables our customers to understand the potential of feedstocks quickly. Challenge Amur to get the best from your AD!

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As part of AB Agri and Associated British Foods, Amur has an unrivalled access to a wide variety of co-products, process residues and wastes from food and drink manufacturers across the UK. We have a unique capability to supply quality feedstocks to meet our customers needs.

Our feedstocks range includes residues / by products and waste which come in dry, liquid and moist forms, suitable for all AD plants. We also manufacture a feedstock soup to a known specification, which is only suitable for waste fed AD plants. In addition to this we offer trace elements and performance boosting additives. All of which help our customers to ensure consistent gas production.

Operating our own plant has taught us how important it is to fully understand the feedstock going into yourreactor. This means being able to quickly test and monitor materials to ensure the biology remains stable. To help us do this well, we have invested in a dedicated laboratory – providing rapid feedstock analysis to us and our customers. We understand the importance of reporting back analysis quickly, in an easy-to-understand format. Our full range of AD specific analytical testing uses pioneering technologies and techniques, our Bullet BMP test, for example, uses spectral analysis to predict the gas-yield potential in a feedstock, helping you to understand the true value of the material within 72hrs.

We can help you make better decisions – faster – for your business. Contact us today and start maximising your AD plant profitability.


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