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Arol Energy


We’ve been french specialist of biomethane production through biogas upgrading for the last decade.

Being one the main actor of the market, we offer tailored units for every projects.

These units are converting biomass gases into energy.

Arol Energy is offering two biogas upgrading technologies:

– Membrane upgrading

– Amine scrubbing upgrading

Products & Services

We design, build, install and maintain facilities that process and use biogas in order to produce energy.

Arol Energy’s specific know-hows are:

– Gas processing and renewable energy production

– Project management and turn-key engineering design (tailored solutions for every projects)

– On-site construction and installation

– Commissioning and maintenance

The two main solutions we are offering are:

– Membrane separation – the separation of CH4 and CO2 is made through a selective permeation membrane (physical separation).

– Amine scrubbing separation – the separation is made by chemical absorption of the CO2 in the biogas thanks to a patented amine-based solvent.

Thanks to our expertise we are able to work on related topics such as CO2 liquefaction, methanation or SYNGAS cleaning for example.

As a human scaled company (about 40 people) we all do our very best to ensure high manufacture quality and high security standards within our installations in order to offer reliable, durable, safe and efficient products


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