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BiogasJG B.V.


BiogasJG B.V. supports biogas producers globally in managing their desulphurisation process and improving their methane production. We supply additives that can be supplied directly into the digester as well as products that can clean gas as an end-of-pipe solution. With our partners, we provide biological services to improve the biological process and to increase methane production.

To improve the health of the microorganisms in the anaerobic digestion process and to increase the biogas production, we supply trace elements mixtures and different types of enzymes. We have developed our own generic trace element mixtures and can produce trace element mixtures customised to the specific needs of your system. Our enzymes can be used to speed up the process of digestion of rye, maize silage, grass, and all kind of fibres in different feedstocks.

Our FeSfix® desulphurisation additives are based on iron oxide variants such as FeO, Fe2O3, FeOOH and . Iron oxide reacts with hydrogen sulphide (H2S) in the digestate during the process of anaerobic fermentation and prevents H2S being formed.

Our dry scrubber and filter systems remove impurities directly from your gas. We design, build, and install complete dry scrubber systems for general gas and air treatment. Many types of impurities, for example H2S, VOC’s and siloxanes, can be addressed with our Metalox iron oxide particles and different types of activated carbon. Moreover, we supply our filter media also independently from our filter systems.

For foaming issues, we have anti-foaming agents specifically designed for anaerobic digesters. Ammonia issues can be addressed with our ammonia binding agents. And to complete our portfolio, we also have specific feedstocks for anaerobic digesters that we can supply across Europe.

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Supplier of Additives and Small Equipment


Supplier of Additives and Small Equipment

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