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Bright Renewables is a global industry leader in membrane biogas upgrading technology. Bright’s product and technology portfolio include standardized containerized PurePac biogas upgraders, CO2 liquefaction technology, virtual pipeline, and carbon capture. Bright also offers service support and predictive maintenance. And bio-CNG and bio-LNG applications in addition to biomethane.

The premium and proven PurePac biogas upgrading systems of Bright offer a complete biogas upgrading solution, our systems can reach an efficiency of more than 99.5% and render biomethane suitable for injection in the national grid or compression to CNG. Suitable for all types of new and existing biogas plants in any industry and suitable for biogas produced from any form of organic waste.

A CO2 liquefaction system from Bright can recover and liquefy CO2. The technology is a containerized solution for plug & play installation on-site with a quick start-up. The purification and liquefaction of the CO2 enable an additional source of revenue by producing liquid (bio)CO2 for the horticulture-, food- and refrigeration industry.

With the modular and compact carbon capture technology of Bright, CO2 from combustion flue gas is captured and converted into liquid or gaseous CO2. This allows thermal energy plants to reduce CO2 emissions resulting in carbon neutral or carbon negative energy production.

With Bright Biogas upgrading as a Service, Bright steps in as a suitable partner who can take over downstream biogas upgrading activities. Bright is the owner and operator of the biogas upgrading system and converts the biogas to sustainable end products. Bright’s solutions will result in the most sustainable use of your biogas while creating additional value for you.

Bright offers remote virtual maintenance for optimized maintenance service with smart glasses and remote support. Therefore Bright provides a faster and more efficient maintenance service, with 24/7 availability, for all bioenergy plants and/or upgrading systems. With the use of smart glasses and a control room, Bright connects service technicians or customers on-site with our services experts across the world.


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