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Desotec protects our planet through circular filter solutions for clean water, air and soil. We are a developer, producer and supplier of sustainable mobile purification solutions, based on activated carbon. Our complete solutions include the supply of a range of mobile adsorption systems and the recycling of used activated carbon.

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Desotec is a developer, producer and supplier of sustainable mobile filtration solutions. These mobile filtration solutions are utilized to upgrade vital process streams including biogas & chemical purification as well as to purify air & water emissions. We use a natural activated carbon that acts like a sponge, sucking up contaminants, and our innovative circular process enables us to reuse the carbon and create energy at the same time.

Our services of sustainable mobile filtration solutions are based on our 5-step service model:

STEP 1: The Desotec engineers define the exact challenge on site together with the customer’s process engineers.

STEP 2: In the customer’s or the Desotec laboratory the challenge is simulated and a feasibility study is executed.

STEP 3: The best technical-economical solution is defined. We select the type of activated carbon(s) to be put into use and the mobile filter configuration.

STEP 4: The set-up on site is prepared together with the customer. Mobile filters are installed and filtration, thus purification, begins.

STEP 5: The complete filter is exchanged when the activated carbon is spent. The spent carbon is reactivated to be re-used in the customer’s processes.

At Desotec’s facilities, all spent carbon is analysed so the right measures can be taken for handling and removing the spent carbon from the mobile filters. Spent carbon which meets Desotec’s, acceptance criteria can be reactivated.


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