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Fluid Renewables


Fluid Renewables mission is to drive environmentally friendly renewable energy sources forward. Our innovative products include supportive probiotic additives that increase organic waste to energy conversion within anaerobic digestion to optimise biogas production. We support our partners worldwide advancing green energy projects towards a more sustainable and net zero future.

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BIOGAS Catalyst™ is a dual action product containing bacteria that improve the breakdown of Biomass which increases Biogas yield and methanogenesis during AD. This also leads to decreasing of waste, and saving on feedstock input. Probiotic Bacteria are supported by the mineral carrier to adapt, colonise and thrive within the AD, as the bacteria adapt, it is suitable across varying ranges of pH, temperature, and Biomass input. Joining the BIOGAS Catalyst™ programme gives you full access to our scientific and analytical expertise, allowing us to tailor a package that is unique to your requirements.


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