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Landia UK Ltd


Manufactures of Chopper Pumps, Mixing Solutions, Pasteurisation and Aeration equipment to Biogas, Wastewater, Agriculture, Aquaculture and general industry specialising in the handing of difficult mediums. We can supply individual units to complete systems from out UK base, from initial enquiry sales, design, installation, commissioning spare parts and service.

Products & Services

Digester Mixing System
Typical advantages:
• Gas released more quickly (e.g. 11% more methane in a study by Aarhus University, Denmark).
• Reduction in volatile solids (e.g. 11% reduction).
• Reduction in viscosity enabling easier mixing downstream.
• More efficient, uses less power, runs intermittently – unlike mechanical mixers, Landia system does not need to run 24/7.
• Reduces mixing and pumping power requirements downstream.
• No plant down time for servicing = no loss of gas production.
• Capital cost reduction by eliminating access walkways, platforms & hoists.
• Service and maintenance by fewer engineers (no need for a full confined space trained team).
Health & Safety
• Significant improvement to Health & Safety both on installation and general service and maintenance, due to equipment being installed outside of tank.
• No need to open the digester to carry out routine maintenance: all routine service and maintenance is external and at ground level.
• No confined space entry into the tank (anyone who has entered an operational tank will be aware of the extremely difficult working conditions).
• Each installation is designed bespoke to the project scope and enables the end user’s specific requirements to be catered for.
• With Landia, there are no moving parts inside the tank, and no pipes snaking around the inside to encourage dead spots and silting up.
• Inbuilt variability with power to spare: run times can be adjusted to manage changes in the digestate over time.
• We have a team of Landia-trained mobile installation and service engineers covering the whole of the UK.
• There are extensive spares on our shelves, with many more at our Danish factory; all ready for quick delivery.

Chopper Pumps
Landia chopper pump range is especially suited to the chopping and pumping of difficult mediums such as effluents containing packaging waste or straw. Being equipped with chopping blades, external of the pump inlet, only items small enough to be pumped without blocking can enter the pump. The range is available from 50mm to 150mm outlet, 0.5kW to 45.0kW, in a range of materials, coatings and mounting arrangements. The R range comes with all wetted parts (including the rotor shaft and the pump housing) of solid cast 316 stainless steel.

Submersible Mixers
Landia gear driven 300rpm propeller mixers are available in sizes from 1.1kW to 30kW and are designed to mix thick floating layers and deposits in digesters, ensuring problem free storage and removal. The propeller is designed for maximum mixing efficiency with a triple sealing system and motor casing rated to IP68 with inbuilt thermal protection sensors. The mounting equipment allows for ease of installation and removal of the units even when the tank is full.

Side Entry Mixers
The Landia POPTR-I side entry gear driven (300rpm) propeller mixer provides an efficient mixing solution, with the advantage over traditional submersible propeller mixers that the vast majority of routine servicing is carried out from outside the tank (and often at ground level), so there is no need for working at height, no need to remove the mixer and when used in anaerobic digesters, no need to peel back domes, with consequent loss of production.

Designed to help meet ABPR CAT regulations, this is a batch processing pasteuriser, having the following characteristics:
• Designed to be used singly or in multiples.
• Available in 2.5m3, 5m3, 8m3 and 25m3 capacities.
• Incorporates the Landia chopper pump and side entry propeller mixer for effective feedstock conditioning and ensuring even heat distribution.


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