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Perissinotto S.p.A. – PEMO PUMPS


PEMO PUMPS, headquartered in a 12.000 m2 factory complex in Italy, is world renown for designing and manufacturing customized centrifugal pumps for the most difficult abrasive and/or acid applications.Since its foundation in 1947, we have built and shipped over 41.000 pumps. We have representatives and agents around the world and two subsidiaries in USA and Brasil.

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PEMO abrasion-resistant centrifugal pumps are used to convey biomass material such as OFMSW or liquid manure to the storage and decantation tanks, for loading the separators and for feeding the mesophilic or thermophilic digesters or recirculating the digestate thanks to PEMO no clogging technology.Perissinotto spa manufactures hard metal and rubber lined pumps with customized design for single-stage, multi-stage, submersible and vertical configurations.Some of the most appreciated features are:• Longer life, thanks to ABRASION RESISTANT PEMO design and materials.• CORROSION RESISTANT, using the most suitable alloys for the Chemical Industry• NON-CLOGGING, thanks to the special design of casings and impellers.• SINGLE, DOUBLE or CARTRIDGE MECHANICAL SEALS avoiding leakages and contaminations.• Flow rate up to 2000 m3/h.• TDH up to 160 m.c.l.


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