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Zebra EM


Zebra EM is an end-to-end data management provider. Providing everything from Software as a Service products, Bespoke Software Services and Consultancy for all things Renewable Energy. Everything from cloud-based software to On-Premise, ensuring the digitalisation of businesses to the digital world is as easy as possible.

Products & Services

At Zebra EM, we offer the following Products & Services:
Software as a Service (SaaS) Packages
– Site Manager
This is a tool to manage all things on site; from your maintenance, inventory, production data and also GHG emissions
– Time & Project Manager
Managing your companies time couldn’t get easier. From time tracking, project management and profitability all in one simple solution
– Carbon Accounting Software
Used by some of the top businesses in the UK, Carbon Accounting is needed to measure your businesses Carbon Analysis, from Life Cycle Analysis to Carbon Tracking. Our Carbon Accounting software is your one stop shop for it all.

Bespoke Data Management Software
Here we can provide everything from procurement to bespoke cloud-based solutions. We can develop and create a unique solution for every business. Using proper data handling techniques are vital for effective business functions, be it sales, marketing, or other day-to-day processes. With data management software, your business can store and manage data easily, and use it for reporting and BI activities. Managing this data manually is a hassle. This is where data management software steps in

Integration Services
Our team is dedicated to integrating and implementing tailored solutions as per your business requirements. Using our customised integration services, we can fulfil all you business goals as well as needs. Integrating and Implementing from Microsoft Office & VBA, SAP, MySQL and more…

Consultancy Services
Delivering tailored IT Consultancy services businesses of all sizes, we can help you move forward using efficient and innovative strategies and implement solutions through our services.‍ Being able to provide consultation on all levels of IT from Architecture, Cloud/On-Premise Databases, Business Intelligence, Integration, Recruiting and Digitalisation.


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