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Advanced Bacterial Sciences (ABS)

Stand: H74


ABS is a fast-growing, science-led biotech organisation creating innovative microbial solutions for human and planetary benefit. We use nature’s solution to consume waste, blockages, spills or pollutants. With a strong commitment to safety, efficiency, and environmental stewardship, ABS continually develop innovative sustainable solutions and services tailored to the unique challenges encountered by AD operators and waste treatment plants.


ABS’ Struvite Remover was developed in response to the challenges posed by struvite build-up in AD plants, aligned with our commitment to creating sustainable and cost-effective alternatives to modern waste and wastewater challenges.

Struvite Remover successfully removed 100% of struvite build-up in pipework during lab trials and was proven to be even more robust during extensive field trials where it achieved a 100% success rate. Formulated using only compounds produced from microbial fermentation with Generally Regarded as Safe Status (GRAS), this product has changed how AD plants manage struvite removal.

ABS’ solution involves connecting our pipework and a specialised high-powered pump to the AD site’s pipework, creating a closed loop system through which the Struvite Remover is pumped around for up to four hours.

The result is the complete removal of struvite build-up in four hours or less, as opposed to days, revolutionising the process and drastically reducing costs. Furthermore, the waste produced during this process can be safely fed back into the digesters, eliminating the need to coordinate disposal using a third-party.


  • Consultancy / Environmental Consultancy
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