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Celtic Chemicals Ltd

Stand: B43


Celtic Chemicals Ltd manufacture trace element solutions for biogas plants & stock the Terravis range of Ferric Hydroxides, Enzymes & powdered trace elements.

Our liquid & powder trace elements are produced to order to customer requirements with short production & delivery times. Ferric Hydroxides, for plants of all retention times, are available on 2-3 day lead times.


– Trace Elements, liquids in 5 litre polydrums – 1000 litre IBC’s
– Trace Elements, powdered, in 10 / 20 kg papersacks.
– Ferric Hydroxide, Methatec Detox S Direct – for shorter retention times
– Ferric Hydroxide, Methatec Detox S Rapid, for medium term retention times
– Ferric Hydroxide, Methatec Detox S Premium, for longer retention times
– Enzymes, Methaferm Maize or Grass, liquids or powders.
– Ammonium binder, Methatec nMin, 20 kg sacks
– Floating Layer Remover
– Antifoams


  • Technology Supplier
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