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New Holland Agriculture Biomethane Powered Concept Tractor!

See the New Holland Agriculture biomethane tractor in person at the show! Located next to The Soil Cafe and the Future Farming theatre, talk to the team about how it will work for you.  Register for free here:

New Holland Methane Powered Concept Tractor

Methane Filling and Tank Design
 The biomethane filling system is as easy and as efficient to use as a diesel tractor.
 The composite layered tubular structured tanks are situated to the front, left and right
side of the tractor and are filled using a single nozzle and enable a full day’s autonomy.

 Wrap-around glazing provides 360-degree visibility, with a 20% increase in the glazed
area compared to a standard tractor.
 A floating domed roof for an uninterrupted view when working with a front loader.
 The use of 360-degree viewing cameras eliminates the need for wing mirrors, with the
surrounding view displayed on the fixed hub steering wheel display. Wireless cameras
can also be attached to implements operated by the tractor, for close-up viewing of
 The use of technological materials – honeycomb seat fabric with wick-away properties,
which move moisture away from the driver for ultimate comfort.
 A simplified armrest, which is integrated into the seat, featuring core tractor controls.

The fixed hub display in the steering wheel provides instant visibility and access to key
operating parameters including
 Forward speed;
 Gear selected;
 Engine temperature;
 Engine speed;
 Direction of travel;
 Fuel gauge;
 Engine hours
 When driving on the road a navigation map and in the field guidance path
 When conducting road transport, the view from the rear facing cameras replacing the
wing mirrors, and when in the field a 360° bird’s eye view.
 When reversing, a camera system provides assistance with maneuvering.

The panoramic headliner display contains a range of additional functions for easy perusal. The
display is divided into three distinct sections
 The left screen relays a view from the viewing cameras alongside eventual feeds from
implement-mounted wireless cameras.
 The central screen contains less frequently consulted tractor parameters including
o PTO speed;
o Linkage height;
o Hydraulic flow;
o Lighting control panel.
 The right hand screen is dedicated to information feeds. This includes
o Radar weather data;
o News feeds;
o Climate control information
o The media package.
Voice control technology is used to manage
 Climate control;
 The media center;
 Telephone calls.

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