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Position: Energy & Resources Lead for Adaptation within EPR and Methane Action Plan

Organisation:  Environment Agency

Bio: An Agriculturalist by training and a member of the Chartered Institution of Water & Environmental Management, most of my career has been spent in the field of environmental regulation with the Environment Agency and its predecessors.  I have spent some 34 years regulating industrial sectors, ranging from board manufacturers to Paper and Pulp, Textiles and Food & Drink sectors as well as inputting to European BAT reference documents for relevant sectors and the subsequent implementation of those standards.

Latterly I lead our work within Energy & Resources teams at the Environment Agency on climate change matters, covering our work to require full embedding of Adaptation within site management systems under our Environmental Permitting Regime (EPR) and the Environment Agency wide Methane Action Plan (EAMAP). This work has resulted in me leading our work to develop and publish the methane action plan which contains many action areas of relevance to the biowaste sector and the need to better manage fugitive emissions from the sector. The plan also focusses on the need for better quality data for methane emissions across sectors we regulate as well as fully utilising our existing powers to help drive down emissions even further than the reductions we have seen to date.

I will be covering this in much more detail at the World Biogas Expo event in the Engine Room on the 11th July.

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